University of Guelph 1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar

IV--Admission Information

IV--Admission Information

* Admission Plans

* Articulation Agreements

* Prior Learning Assessment

* Co-operative Education Program

* Open Learning

* English Proficiency

* Admission Requirements to University Programs in 1998-99

* Bachelor of Applied Science--B.A.Sc.

* Bachelor of Arts--B.A.

* Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)--Akademia

* Bachelor of Commerce--B.Comm.

* Bachelor of Science--B.Sc.

* Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)--Akademia

* Bachelor of Science in Agriculture--B.Sc.(Agr.)

* Bachelor of Science in Engineering--B.Sc.(Eng.)

* Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences--B.Sc.(Env.)

* Bachelor of Landscape Architecture--B.L.A.

* General Studies

* Veterinary Medicine

* Associate Diploma Programs

* Readmission

* Application Procedures

* Communication of Admission Decisions

* Submission of Documents

* Deadline Dates

* Right of Selection

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar

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