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XII--Course Descriptions

Soil Science

Department of Land Resource Science

87-201 Soil Science W(3-2) [0.50]

An introduction to the principles of soil science - the origin of soils, their classification and interpretation in natural and modified environments. Soil will be studied as a product of the natural environment, with a focus on formation processes and changes which occur when it is modified through use. A variety of uses including agriculture, forestry, recreation, and urban development, will be considered. This course is not for B.Sc.(Agr.) students. (Also offered through distance education format.)

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87-212 Introduction to Environmental Stewardship F(3-2) [0.50]

An introduction to the concepts of resources management, environmental planning and assessment, land stewardship and sustainable development. Case studies of specific issues such as parks and natural heritage conservation, agricultural land loss, and integrated rural resources management will provide insight on approaches to decision making. Discussion of the concept of stewardship as an environmental ethic.

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87-305 Land Utilization F(3-0) [0.50]

Principles of land utilization and planning at the global, national, regional and local levels. Land characterization and classification using photo-interpretive techniques and computerized soil survey interpretive programs. Land capability/suitability for agriculture, forestry and engineering purposes. Emphasis on specific land use issues in Canada.

Prerequisites: 1 of 01-1101/2, 01-2301/2, 45-130, 46-100, 87-201.
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87-306 Chemical Environment of Soils F(3-2) [0.50]

The formation and properties of clay minerals and organic matter; ionic exchange, soil acidity, and alkalinity, oxidation and reduction potential, and dissolution and precipitation. Laboratory sessions will illustrate principles of soil chemistry.

Prerequisites: 01-1101/2 or 01-2301/2 or 87-201.
Formerly: 87-401
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87-307 Physical Environment of Soils F(3-3) [0.50]

The mechanical, rheological, thermal, and structural properties of soils; the characterization, measurement, and movement of soil moisture; the application of the principles of soil physics in agriculture.

Prerequisites: 01-1101/2 or 63-108 or 01-2301/2 or 87-201.
Formerly: 87-402
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87-308 Soil and Water Conservation F(2-3) [0.50]

A lecture-demonstration course on the processes leading to deterioration of soil and water quality, the impact of deterioration on use, and preventative or corrective measures. Soil erosion by water and wind, soil compaction and salinization. Drainage channel maintenance, sedimentation and nutrient enrichment of water. Conservation programs and policies. Reclamation of severely disturbed soils and saline-sodic soils. Emphasis will be on concepts and solutions to problems in a systems approach.

Prerequisites: 01-1101/2 or 01-2301/2 or 87-201.
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87-310 Resource Planning Techniques W(2-2) [0.50]

An intermediate techniques course directed at the application of a systematic approach to problem-solving in natural resource management. Major topics include procedures of ecological land classification, computer-assisted resource analysis and environmental impact assessment.

Prerequisites: 87-305.
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87-320 Biological Environment of Soils W(3-3) [0.50]

Soil biological processes involving both microflora and fauna with emphasis on waste management, soil fertility and structure, plant residue decomposition and xenobiotic compound biodegradation. Students will apply this knowledge in a project involving biodegradation of an organic waste. (Offered in even-numbered years.)

Prerequisites: (01-1101/2 or 01-2301/2 or 87-201), 65-100.
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87-360 Remote Sensing W(2-4) [0.50]

An introductory course in the application of satellite imagery to studies of earth resources. Lab will introduce computer analysis of satellite data.

Prerequisites: (1 of 01-2301/2, 45-130, 46-100, 46-110), and (45-242 or 87-201).
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87-407 Problems in Land Resource Science S,F,W(0-6) [0.50]

Students will carry out a research project in an area of special interest. Individualized supervision will be provided by a faculty member. The preparation of an oral and/or written report will be required. Approval to take this course must be obtained from the Department Chair during the previous semester.

Prerequisites: 96-201 and [1.00] credit at the 300 or higher level in soil science, geology or meteorology.
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87-409 Soil Management F(3-1) [0.50]

A lecture-tutorial course giving a practical interpretation of the chemical, physical and biological properties of soil in relation to soil management for crop production; topics include drainage, irrigation, soil erosion, tillage, lime, manure, fertilizer sources, fertility, soil testing and plant analysis.

Prerequisites: 01-1101/2 or 01-2301/2 or 87-201.
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87-411 Land Resources Field Camp F(0-6) [0.50]

A course directed toward investigating methods of collecting and processing land resource field data. Practice in mapping information from air photographs and ground surveys, construction of inventory maps, and integration of information. The course will consist of a one week field camp prior to the fall semester, following which the students, working in groups, will prepare and present a comprehensive report in consultation with faculty. Students will be responsible for their living and transportation expenses for the field session, in addition to regular tuition fees. The course may be offered with different emphasis in content depending on student demand. Students are required to notify the designated departmental instructor of their intention to participate in Field Camp during the previous Winter semester (or earlier if going on exchange programs).

Prerequisites: (1 of 01-1101/2, 01-2301/2, 17-115, 45-130, 46-100, 87-201), 96-201.
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87-414 Soil Genesis and Classification F(3-3) [0.50]

Principles of soil classification; soil classification systems; factors of soil formation and soil forming processes; characteristics and distribution of soil to the Great Groups. Field study and mapping of soils.

Prerequisites: 01-1101/2 or 01-2301/2 or 87-201.
Formerly: 87-302
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