University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

* Harold A. Kopas Memorial Entrance Award
* Amos & William Lowe Memorial Scholarship
* OAC Alumni Foundation Entrance Scholarships
* Robert Thompson Scholarship
* Allied Farm Services Scholarship
* Glenn (Andy) W. Anderson Scholarship
* John A. Archibald Memorial Scholarship
* Joseph Arlen Memorial Award in Horticulture
* Bruce County Graduation Prize
* Canadian Society of Animal Science Book Prize
* Samuel Carr Scholarship
* J. Ross Cavers International Exchange Scholarship
* J. Ross Cavers Memorial Scholarship
* Michael Chepesuik International Travel Grant
* George I. Christie Scholarship
* Class of 1905 Scholarship
* Class of '51 OAC Leadership Awards
* Class 1955 OAC Scholarships
* Class '67 OAC Centennial Scholarship
* Class of '76 Graduation Prize
* Bruce M. Cohoe Prize
* Credit Valley Conservation Authority Foundation Bursary
* Deloitte Touche Scholarship.
* Beth Duncan Gold Medalist
* Fertilizer Institute of Ontario Scholarships
* Foodland Hydro Scholarship
* Robert S. and Ethelyne L. Fulkerson Scholarship
* William Godfrey Memorial Scholarship in Horticulture
* Ontario Agricultural Co-operatives Scholarships
* Robert Harcourt Scholarships
* David George Harrison Memorial Scholarship
* Heimbecker Award in Entrepreneurship
* Ross Jones Memorial Scholarship
* Gwen Karr Memorial Bursary
* Robert Keegan Memorial Scholarship
* Kevin Lang Memorial Scholarship
* Lieutenant Governor's Medal
* Roderick Long International Travel Grant
* Bobert McCann Memorial Scholarship
* Charles McGowan Memorial Prize
* Grant Misener Bursaries
* Dawn Morris Memorial Award
* OAC Alumni Foundation Leadership Awards
* OAC Centennial Graduate Fellowships
* OAC '45 Public Speaking Awards
* OAC Students' Federation Medal
* Ontario Grape Growers Bursary
* Ottawa-Carleton l983 International Ploughing Match Scholarships
* R.W. (Bob) Pawley Scholarship
* Gary Putnam Memorial Scholarship
* C.W. Riley Prize
* Archie and Isabelle (Cook) Rintoul Bursary
* Robb Travel Grants
* Douglas M. Robinson Memorial Prize for Excellence in Communications
* Maple Leaf Foods Inc. Shur-Gain Scholarship
* Kae and Gordon Skinner Memorial Scholarship
* Jim Stokman Memorial Scholarship
* C.M. Switzer Scholarships
* Amber (Gibbons) Underwood Communications Award
* Varley and Lyon Exchange Scholarships
* W.H. Waddell Scholarship.
* Doug Wakely Memorial Scholarship
* T.K. Warley Agrifood Policy Prize
* R.J. Watford Prize
* Frank E. Wolff International Scholarships

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
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