University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Program Information

The University of Guelph offers an 8 semester honours program leading to a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Students must select 1 of the following 5 major areas of study:

Agricultural Business

Hotel and Food Administration

Housing and Real Estate Management

Management Economics in Industry and Finance

Marketing Management

The program is of an interdisciplinary nature drawing, according to the major, on appropriate courses in the humanities; social sciences; food, physical and biological sciences. It is designed to give students a broad exposure to the basic disciplines (e.g. economics, psychology or sociology) and a sound professional management education with a focus on specific industry sectors or management functions which prepare the graduates to assume positions of responsibility in particular areas of management and business. The early semesters are devoted to instruction in the basic disciplines while the later semesters are devoted to more professional studies. Students who complete these majors may be given credit on a subject for subject basis for courses in the first year of an M.B.A. program.

Academic Counselling

Program Counselling

The B.Comm. program counsellor is available to assist prospective students in the selection of their major and initial courses, and to respond to questions regarding any other aspects of their anticipated program. The program counsellor will also assist in-course students who need information or advice about their program or other academic regulations, who seek information on services and resources available to students or who are contemplating transfer into or out of their current major or degree program.

Departmental Advising

On entering the program, all students are assigned a departmental advisor to whom they may turn for consultation in scheduling of courses and selection of electives, academic requirements of the program, and information concerning career opportunities. The required course selections and, where required, restricted electives are presented in the following pages.

Special Expenses

Expenses may include cost of field trips and supplies and, for some majors, laboratory coats and other protective clothing.

Study Abroad

Global understanding and perspectives are regarded as being of central importance among the university's learning objectives, as they are, also, in understanding the international business environment. On both of these accounts, students enrolled in the B. Comm. program are urged to participate in one of the several exchange and study abroad programs specifically designed for the Commerce program. Planning for such participation is best undertaken quite early in the course of studies. For more specific information on the opportunities provided for a semester in London, France, and other locations, refer to Section V-- International Study Opportunities, or contact the B.Comm. program counsellor.

Continuation of Studies

Students are advised to consult the regulations for Continuation of Study within the program which are outlined in detail in Section VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations & Procedures. Students in the B.Comm. program may repeat any failed credit only once. Failure to successfully complete a required (core) credit on the second attempt will result in students not being permitted to continue in their major and/or program.

Conditions of Graduation

To qualify for the degree Bachelor of Commerce for a specific major the student must successfully complete a minimum of 20.00 approved credits. The requirements for each major are set out in the schedule of studies.

Schedule of Studies

Courses specified in the schedule of studies are required courses and must be completed successfully. A full course load normally involves 2.50 credits. The requirements for each major are set out below.

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
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