University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Schedule of Studies

Semester 1

VETM*3010 [0.50] Veterinary Neurosciences
VETM*3060 [1.25] Veterinary Anatomy I
VETM*3100 [0.50] Epidemiology and Production Genetics
VETM*3110 [0.50] Veterinary Physiology I
VETM*3120 [0.50] Veterinary Histology

Semester 2

VETM*3000 [0.50] Veterinary Biochemistry
VETM*3200 [0.25] Ethics in Veterinary Medicine
VETM*3320 [0.50] Veterinary Reproductive Biology
VETM*3340 [1.00] Veterinary Anatomy II
VETM*3350 [0.25] Animal Behaviour and Welfare
VETM*3370 [0.50] Veterinary Physiology II
VETM*3550 [0.50] Veterinary Immunology

Semester 3

VETM*3520 [0.50] Veterinary Pharmacology II
VETM*3560 [0.75] Veterinary Parasitology
VETM*3330 [0.50] Veterinary Virology
VETM*3390 [0.50] Veterinary Medical Genetics
VETM*3540 [0.50] Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology
VETM*3570 [0.50] Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics

Semester 4

VETM*3270 [0.50] Veterinary Pharmacology I
VETM*3510 [0.25] Principles of Surgery
VETM*3800 [0.50] Anaesthesia and Fluids
VETM*3830 [0.25] Avian Medicine
VETM*3840 [0.50] Special Pathology I
VETM*3850 [0.50] Introduction to Medicine
VETM*3860 [0.25] Clinical Medicine I
VETM*3870 [0.50] Principles of Theriogenology
VETM*3880 [0.25] Veterinary Public Health

Semester 5

VETM*3520 [0.50] Veterinary Pharmacology II
VETM*3950 [0.50] Special Pathology II
VETM*4030 [1.00] Surgical Exercises I
VETM*4140 [0.25] Health Management for Swine
VETM*4410 [0.50] Ruminant Medicine and Surgery
VETM*4430 [0.50] Medicine and Surgery I
VETM*4860 [0.25] Clinical Medicine II

Semester 6

VETM*4070 [0.50] Diseases of Non-Domestic Animals
VETM*4100 [0.25] Professional Affairs
VETM*4160 [0.50] Health Management for Ruminants
VETM*4180 [0.25] Health Management for Companion and Sporting Animals
VETM*4270 [1.00] Surgical Exercises II
VETM*4310 [0.25] Veterinary Toxicology
VETM*4440 [0.50] Medicine and Surgery II
VETM*4450 [0.50] Equine Medicine and Surgery
VETM*4870 [0.25] Clinical Medicine III

Admission to semester 7 is normally contingent upon successful completion of all courses approved for semesters 1-6 and an approved externship. The externship is normally undertaken following the completion of semester 6. For administrative purposes, the externship is considered a semester 7 course. Students should discuss arrangements for their externship with the externship co-ordinator.

Semester 7 and 8

Courses in semesters 7 and 8 take place in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Students will perform duties as scheduled for them by the course coordinators. Hours in these courses may be irregular and weekend, holiday and evening duty may be required.

Semesters 7

VETM*4900 [2.50] Veterinary Externship
VETM*4831 [1.25] Small Animal Clinics
VETM*4841 [1.25] Large Animal Clinics
VETM*4851 [1.25] Health Management

Semesters 8

VETM*4832 [1.25] Small Animal Clinics
VETM*4842 [1.25] Large Animal Clinics
VETM*4852 [1.25] Health Management

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
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