University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs


School of Languages and Literatures, College of Arts.

All language courses carry 0.50 credit. However, students with Year 4 or Year 5 OAC German or their equivalent may be admitted into GERM*1100 only with the approval of the department. Students with OAC German credit or its equivalent may be admitted into GERM*1110 only with the approval of the department. All language students are strongly advised to include CLAS*1000 and LING*1000 among their electives in order to derive the maximum benefit from their studies. Except where stated otherwise, literary texts are, at all levels, studied in the original language. Students registering in these courses will be expected to have the appropriate knowledge.

Study Abroad

The School of Languages and Literatures encourages students in the German program to spend 1 or 2 semesters in a German speaking country to continue their studies at the University level. Credit for programs of study successfully completed may be applied towards the University of Guelph degree requirements. Requests should be addressed well in advance to either the department or a particular section of the department. A letter of permission is required (see the Section VIII-- Undergraduate Degree Regulations & Procedures).

Honours Program Minor

A minimum of 6.00 credits in German is required, including:

GERM*2240 [0.50] German Civilization
GERM*2490 [0.50] German Language
GERM*2500 [0.50] German Language and Composition I
GERM*2560 [0.50] Reading German Literature: An Introduction
GERM*2590 [0.50] Literary Interpretation
GERM*3420 [0.50] Late 18th and 19th Century Drama (in German)
GERM*3430 [0.50] 20th Century Drama (in German)
GERM*3440 [0.50] Early German Prose and Poetry (in German)
GERM*3450 [0.50] 20th Century Prose and Poetry (in German)
GERM*3500 [0.50] German Language and Composition II
GERM*3530 [0.50] Business German.

Students enrolled in the German program must contact the School of Languages and Literatures for an up-to-date sequence of course offerings.

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
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