University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Individual Studies

Interdisciplinary Program

B.A. Counselling Office, Room 052, MacKinnon Building, Ext. 2140.

Honours B.A. students have the option of doing an Individual Studies Major. An Individual Studies major must include a minimum of 8.00 credits, and be approved by the end of semester 5 by a committee consisting of the deans of the College of Arts and the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences and two appropriate department chairs or school directors. A student wishing to follow the Individual Studies option must submit the proposed program of studies to the B.A. Counselling Office by the sixth week of classes for pre-screening. Proposals will not be considered unless they articulate a detailed rational for a coherent program of study that is significantly different from any existing major. A senior level Directed Readings or Special Project must be completed. When appropriate, the Committee will identify a faculty member as the supervisor for a student's course of study.

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
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