University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Plant Biology

Departments of Botany, Plant Agriculture and Environmental Biology, College of Biological Science and Ontario Agricultural College.

Coordinator: D. Wolyn, Ext. 3092.

Honours Program Major

Semester 1

BIOL*1030 [0.50] Biology I
CHEM*1040 [0.50] General Chemistry I
MATH*1080 [0.50] Elements of Calculus I
PHYS*1070 [0.50] Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences I
0.50 Arts or Social Science elective*

Semester 2

BIOL*1040 [0.50] Biology II
CHEM*1050 [0.50] General Chemistry II
PHYS*1080 [0.50] Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences II
CIS*1200 [0.50] Introduction to Computing
CIS*1650 [0.50] Programming I
MATH*2080 [0.50] Elements of Calculus II
0.50 Arts or Social Science elective

Semester 3

BIOL*2210 [0.50] Introductory Cell Biology
0.50 Arts or Social Science elective
AGR*2451 [0.50] Plant Agriculture
BOT*2400 [0.50] Plant Anatomy
CHEM*2580 [0.50] Introductory Biochemistry
BIOL*2060 [0.50] Ecology
BOT*2050 [0.50] Plant Ecology
CROP*2110 [0.50] Crop Ecology

Semester 4

BIOL*2210 [0.50] Introductory Cell Biology
0.50 Arts or Social Science elective
AGR*2452 [0.50] Plant Agriculture
BOT*2300 [0.50] Plant Physiology
ENVB*2040 [0.50] Biology of Plant Pests
MBG*2000 [0.50] Introductory Genetics

Semester 5

MBG*2020 [0.50] Introductory Molecular Biology
STAT*2040 [0.50] Statistics I
0.50 Arts or Social Science elective
1.00 elective**

Semester 6

BOT*2700 [0.50] Classification and Morphology of Seed Plants
2.00 electives**

Semester 7

2.50 electives+

Semester 8

BOT*4380 [0.50] Metabolism in the Whole Life of Plants
2.00 electives**

*it is recommended that 0.50 Arts or Social Science elective be from ECON*1100, ENGL*1200, GEOG*1220, HIST*1250, PHIL*1000, POLS*1400, PSYC*1100

+one must be MBG*2020 if not yet taken

**Electives - the selection of electives is subject to the following rules:

  1. A minimum of 5.00 must be Plant Biology credits offered by the Interdepartmental Plant Biology Program
    Department of Botany
    BOT*3200 [0.50] Mycology
    BOT*3260 [0.50] Phycology
    BOT*3530 [0.50] Diversity and Adaptation in Land Plants
    BOT*4140 [0.25], [0.50], [0.75] Plant Microtechniques
    BOT*4820 [0.75] Research Opportunities in Botany I
    BOT*4830 [0.75] Research Opportunities in Botany II
    MBG*3000 [0.50] Population Genetics
    Department of Environmental Biology
    ENVB*2030 [0.50] Forestry
    ENVB*3210 [0.50] Plant Pathology
    ENVB*4000 [0.50] Plant Disease Management
    ENVB*4070 [0.50] Biological Control: Plant Diseases
    ENVB*4420 [0.50] Problems in Environmental Biology
    ENVB*4780 [0.50] Forest Ecology
    Department of Plant Agriculture, Crop Science
    CROP*2280 [0.50] Crops in Land Reclamation
    CROP*3300 [0.50] Grain Crops
    CROP*3310 [0.50] Protein and Oilseed Crops
    CROP*3320 [0.50] Pasture and Grazing Management
    CROP*3330 [0.50] Forage Crops: Science and Technology
    CROP*4220 [0.50] Cropping Systems
    CROP*4240 [0.50] Weed Science
    CROP*4260 [0.50] Crop Science Field Trip
    CROP*4340 [0.50] Seminar: Selected Topics in Crop Science
    CROP*4350 [0.50] Crop Science Research Project I
    CROP*4360 [0.50] Crop Science Research Project II
    MBG*4160 [0.50] Plant Breeding
    Department of Plant Agriculture, Horticultural Science
    HORT*3010 [0.50] Annual, Perennial and Indoor Plants - Identification and Use
    HORT*3220 [0.50] Turf Management
    HORT*3230 [0.50] Plant Propagation
    HORT*3260 [0.50] Woody Plants
    HORT*3280 [0.50] Greenhouse Production
    HORT*3340 [0.50] Culture of Plants
    HORT*3510 [0.50] Vegetable Production
    HORT*4250 [0.50] Nursery Production
    HORT*4300 [0.50] Postharvest Physiology
    HORT*4380 [0.50] Tropical and Sub-Tropical Horticultural Crops
    HORT*4420 [0.50] Fruit Crops
    HORT*4900 [0.50] Horticultural Science Research I
    HORT*4910 [0.50] Horticultural Science Research II
    MBG*3100 [0.50] Plant Genetics
    MBG*4160 [0.50] Plant Breeding
    Plant Biology
    PBIO*3110 [0.50] Crop Physiology
    PBIO*3750 [0.50] Plant Tissue Culture
    PBIO*4000 [0.50] Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant-Microbe Interactions
    PBIO*4030 [0.50] Plant Cell Biology
    PBIO*4100 [0.50] Soil Plant Relationships
    PBIO*4150 [0.50] Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Development
    PBIO*4530 [0.50] Environmental Pollution Stresses on Plants
    PBIO*4600 [0.75] Plant Environment Interaction and Stress Physiology
    PBIO*4750 [0.50] Genetic Engineering of Plants

  2. From the total of 7.50 in semester 5-8 at least 5.50 from this list or from the approved science elective course list for B.Sc. students must be at the 3000 and 4000 levels and at least 2.00 must be at the 4000 level.

Honours Program Minor

A minor in Plant Biology requires 5.00 credits in the Plant Biology program chosen in consultation with the program advisor. The courses will include:

  1. AGR*2451/2, BOT*2300, BOT*2400, BOT*2700, ENVB*2040
  2. 1 of BIOL*2060, BOT*2050, CROP*2110
  3. the remaining credits chosen from offerings by the Departments of Botany, Environmental Biology or Plant Agriculture, Crop Science or Horticultural Science

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