University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Honours Programs

Honours Program Majors

The following honours majors are available:

Biological Sciences:

20.00 credits Animal Biology

20.00 credits Biological Science

20.25 credits Bio-Medical Science

21.00 credits Human Kinetics

20.00 credits Marine and Freshwater Biology

20.00 credits Microbiology

20.25 credits Molecular Biology & Genetics

20.25 credits Nutritional Sciences

20.00 credits Plant Biology

20.00 credits Wild Life Biology

20.00 credits Zoology

Physical Sciences:

20.25 credits Biochemistry

21.25 credits Biophysics

21.75 credits Chemical Physics

20.25 credits Chemistry

20.00 credits Physical Science

21.25 credits Physics

21.25 credits Theoretical Physics

Environmental Sciences:

20.50 credits Biomedical Toxicology

20.00 credits Earth Surface Science*

20.00 credits Ecology*

20.00 credits Environmental Biology*

20.00 credits Environmental Toxicology

*also see B.SC.(ENV.)

Computing Science, Mathematics, Statistics

20.00 credits Computing & Information Science

20.00 credits Mathematics

20.00 credits Statistics

Additional Disciplines:

20.50 credits Food Science

20.00 credits Psychology

Co-operative Educational Programs:

20.00 credits Applied Mathematics and Statistics

20.25 credits Biochemistry

20.25 credits Biomedical Toxicology

21.25 credits Biophysics

21.25 credits Chemical Physics

20.25 credits Chemistry

20.00 credits Computing & Information Science

20.00 credits Environmental Toxicology

20.50 credits Food Science

20.00 credits Microbiology

21.25 credits Physics

Honours Program Minors

Minors are available in the following science areas with the particular credit requirements being given*. A minor may include additional prerequisites - consult with the appropriate departmental advisor.

Biological Sciences:

5.00 credits Biology

5.00 credits Bio-Medical Science

5.00 credits Biotechnology

5.00 credits Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

5.00 credits Genetics

5.00 credits Microbiology

5.00 credits Neuroscience

5.00 credits Nutritional Sciences

5.00 credits Plant Biology

5.00 credits Zoology

Physical Sciences:

5.00 credits Biochemistry

5.00 credits Chemistry

5.00 credits Physics

Environmental Sciences:

5.00 credits Ecology

5.00 credits Forest Science

5.00 credits Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) and Environmental Analysis

5.00 credits Geology

Mathematical Sciences:

5.00 credits Computing & Information Science

5.00 credits Mathematical Science

5.00 credits Mathematics

5.00 credits Statistics

Additional Disciplines:

5.00 credits Business Administration

5.00 credits Food Science

5.00 credits Psychology

*additional minors are available from the College of Arts and the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Continuation of Study

Students are advised to consult the regulations for continuation of study within the program which are outlined in detail in Section VII, Undergraduate Degree Regulations & Procedures.

* Conditions for Graduation

* Co-operative Education Program

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
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