University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

VII--Academic Counselling

Program Counsellors

Program Program Counsellor Approval is required if your category is "Special" or "Probationary" OR if you wish to take extra credits.
Akademia S. Kosakowski, Assistant B.A./Akademia Counsellor, MCKN 052, ext. 2140
B.A. J. McLean, MCKN 052, ext. 2140 D. Reimer, Assistant B.A. Counsellor, MCKN 052, ext. 2140
B.A.SC. K. Revington, FACS 111H, ext.3280
B.COMM. Acting - S. Hollidge, FACS 111H, ext. 3972
B.L.A. M. Nelischer, Counselling Coordinator, ext. 2191
B.SC. Biological Science G.F. Ramprashad, 577 Gordon Street, ext. 2704
B.SC. Physical Science L. Allen, MacNaughton 440, ext. 6435
B.SC.(Agr.) G.M. Jenkinson, Johnston Hall 162, ext. 2116
B.SC.(Eng.) L. Thomas, Engineering 229, ext. 2436
B.SC.(Env.) J. Johnson, Blackwood Hall 103, ext. 4800
B.SC.(H.K.) See Department of Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences, ext. 3768
B.SC. (TECH.) L. Jones, MacNaughton 435, ext. 6123
D.V.M. P. Conlon, OVC, ext. 4413
Associate Diploma in Agriculture D. Beattie, Johnston Hall 162, ext. 3654
Non-Degree General Studies Contact B.A. Counselling Office, MCKN 052, ext. 2140

Note: Anyone interested in the Open Learning program should consult Carol Partland, Johnston Hall 153, ext. 6050.

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
VII--Academic Counselling

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