University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Objectives of the Program

  1. The graduates should have the knowledge and skills appropriate to their career orientations and sufficient to allow the pursuit of a variety of careers in veterinary medicine, including graduate studies. They should be able to pass the examinations of all Canadian licensing bodies and must possess a fundamental core of academic veterinary science knowledge and of technical competence.
  2. The graduates must be able to solve animal health problems and must have knowledge of the management of domestic animals and the functioning of the various animal industries.
  3. The graduates must be able to communicate effectively, whether writing scientific papers, or conversing with clients. The ability to relate to people is an acquired skill that must be encouraged during the program of study.
  4. Through a commitment to continuing education, the graduates must accept the professional responsibility to stay abreast of new developments and to pursue solutions to new problems.
  5. The graduates must have a genuine concern for the welfare of all animals. The graduates should be aware of their responsibilities to the profession in terms of ethical and professional conduct and have an understanding of the moral questions facing veterinarians.
  6. The graduates must have had the opportunity during their university tenure to develop a range of non- veterinary interests sufficient to equip them to take a responsible role in society.

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - D.V.M.

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