University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Protective Clothing

All D.V.M. students will require 3 laboratory coats and 3 pairs of coveralls. Students in semesters 5 and 6 must also have 3 surgical suits. Semesters 7 and 8 students will require an additional 1 of each of the 3 types of protective clothing. Labels with each student's name must be affixed to all items of clothing. All soiled clothing must be laundered through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital's "dirty-in /clean-out" plan. Students must wear steel-capped shoes or boots in the large animal clinic and rubber boots in pathology laboratories. A pair of white shoes and a pair of obstetrical boots must be available in semesters 7 and 8. The Veterinary Teaching Hospital will not provide extra protective clothing; however, short white jackets will be provided by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for semesters 7 and 8 students during the small animal medicine rotation.

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - D.V.M.

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