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XI--Special Study Opportunities


Akademia is a first year program designed to appeal to students with academic strength and interest in the arts, social sciences and sciences. This integrated arts and science program provides a strong educational experience while simultaneously allowing for the completion of the basic courses of the first year of the B.A. or B.SC. program.

The program is intended to facilitate the achievement of the University's Learning Objectives (described in Section II) and to enhance the first year experience of entering students by addressing their learning needs and aiding in the transition to the university environment. The structure of the program, with its combination of arts and science elements, and the design and presentation of the courses will contribute to the student's achievement of the Learning Objectives. Involvement with a living learning centre will contribute to personal, social and intellectual growth.

More specific aims of the Akademia program are a) to stimulate intellectual curiosity, b) to explore connections between educational experience, while simultaneously preparing for entry into the chosen specialization, and c) to develop strategies and skills for success in meeting the challenges of transition from secondary school to university.

Akademia students will be offered accommodation in one residence area which serves as headquarters for the program. Residence facilities include a common room used by faculty, staff and students for program activities and informal gatherings. This living learning dimension contributes to the integration of academic and personal learning.

Akademia is a special study opportunity for first year students. It is not itself a degree program, although the courses taken in Akademia will normally count towards those required for a particular degree program. Students selecting the Akademia program will also elect either the B.A. or B.Sc. program at the time of application to the University, and upon completion of the 2 Akademia semesters will, assuming that all continuation of studies regulations have been complied with, proceed directly into semester 3 of the degree program originally selected. Alternatively, students may apply for transfer into other degree programs using the procedure described in Section VIII, Transfer of Program, in this calendar.

The curriculum offers special courses, available only to Akademia students, which integrate approaches from the arts and science. These courses are taught by faculty members from arts, humanities, social science, and science departments, and usually focus on social, ethical, environmental, and other issues of current concern. The list of available integrated courses changes each year. In addition, regular courses in arts and social science (english, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology), and science (calculus, chemistry, microbiology, physics, zoology) are required. Full details of the program requirements are given in the Akademia Program Guide, available from the program counsellor (see below). Reference should also be made to the schedule of studies for Akademia which appears under the degree program information for the B.A. and B.Sc. degrees in Section IX.

The successful completion of the Akademia program, and the orderly transition to the B.A. or B.Sc. program in Semester 3, depends in part on personal academic counselling at all stages of the academic year. For further information from the program counsellor, or the director of the program call extension 2140. The Co-Directors can be reached at extension 3609.

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
XI--Special Study Opportunities

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