University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

XIV--General Information

Centres and Institutes

Centre For International Programs

The Centre for International Programs, the first of its kind in Canada, aims to facilitate, stimulate and support a continuously growing range of University involvement in international activities. This goal is accomplished by developing and maintaining contacts with university partners around the world, supporting study abroad programs, and providing liaison with government agencies, private sector companies and non-governmental organizations. The Centre promotes development cooperation partnerships with developing countries, provides information on international opportunities and resources to students and faculty, and provides support for international students. The Centre contributes to university policy on internationalization and serves as a focal point for links with other universities, government agencies, and private sector firms wishing to cooperate with the university in international activities.

Computing and Communications Services

Computing and Communications Services (CCS) is a University of Guelph service directorate which provides access to and support for a variety of computer, network and communications services to faculty, students and staff. We are involved in a wide range of information technology activities, such as public access computer labs, phone support lines and World Wide Web (Web) access. CCS works in close collaboration with other major information technology service providers on campus, such as Teaching Support Services and the McLaughlin Library.

Computing and Communications Services is located in several areas across campus, including the Animal Science and Nutrition building (the central UNIX facility) , Johnston Hall (campus telephone headquarters), the University Centre (University Systems) and the CCS building, off Trent Lane.

The CCS building has available walk-in help at the CCS Help Desk, plus a public access lab for printing, scanning, Web access, networking services, training sessions and much more.

The McLaughlin Library has the CCS lab on the first floor for walk in help, Web access and laser printing.



CCS also provides:

Computing and Communications Services is a provider of services to the campus community. We look forward to helping you. Check us out at :

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
XIV--General Information

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