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XIV--General Information

Guelph Campus Cooperative

The Guelph Campus Cooperative was created in 1913 by seven students from Guelph attending the Ontario Agricultural College. Its main purpose was to provide a cost-effective and structured business on campus that would sell students their textbooks and supplies. Membership also meant ownership. The Board of Directors, elected from the student community, ensured the Co-op's continued success from year to year. This experimental model of a Co-op, provided a viable alternative to the traditional way of doing business.

Today, the Campus Co-op still exists to serve the needs of its members. As the needs have changed, so has the Co-op. It now owns and operates student housing, a commercial plaza, a coffee shop, as well as the Co-op Bookstore in the basement of Johnston Hall.

SInce the current members own and control the Co-op, they have the ultimate authority and responsibility for its success. The Co-op is looking forward, keenly interested in input from its members as it maps out a vision for the new millennium. These are tough times for students. More than ever, students need organizations which represent their needs and interests. Now in its 85th year, the Co-op continues its commitment to be by students and for students.

Guelph Campus Co-op Housing

The Guelph Campus Co-operative has approximately 100 co-op housing units, ranging from 1 and 2 bedrooms apartments, to single and double rooms in detached houses, all located close to campus. Co-op housing is secure and affordable. It remains affordable because housing members are required to participate in work duties, such as cleaning, and committee work which develops policies and goals for the Co-op. Apply early for housing as there are a limited number of units that become available each term. Application forms are available from either of the Co-op offices, located on the 2nd floor of the University Centre and at 17 College Avenue West (across from O.V.C.).

Guelph Campus Co-op Bookstore

Located in the basement of Johnston Hall, the Co-op Bookstore is owned and controlled by students. It substitutes good used books whenever possible and offers full service, students drop off their class schedule and their books are prepared in minutes. The bookstore will help review students course lists, offer suggestions, and has a 24 hour holding period for students who need extra time to decide. A Co-op membership entitles a student to a 2% discount on every purchase.

Guelph Campus Cooperative memberships cost only $5.00 per year and entitle you to discounts at the Bookstore and the OVC Coffeeshop, use of Co-op resources, the right to apply for Co-op housing, and the right to vote and run for the Board of Directors. For more information about the Co-op call 824-4950 or email

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
XIV--General Information

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