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VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures


Note: These procedures may change with the new student information system.

A student is considered as registered for a particular semester only when courses to be attempted for that semester have been reported to the Registrar no later than the third class day and financial arrangements, satisfactory to Student Financial Services, have been made for the associated tuition and other fees. Coincident with the registration process, students may complete other business arrangements with the University such as reporting of address information, receipt of post office box keys, residence payments, meal card contracts, parking permits, and receipt of identification cards.

New Students- A day is set aside for the registration of new students prior to the commencement of classes, and it is the student's responsibility to attend at the appropriate time. The schedule for "New Student Registration" is published in the "Information for New Students" booklet.

Those new students who are part-time or who are registering in non-degree programs or General Studies program may conduct their registration using a mail-in procedure, and if this procedure is followed, they need not attend New Student Registration.

In-Course Students- All in-course students must complete the registration procedures prior to the deadline dates as published in Section III--Schedule of Dates.

While advance billings will be forwarded to students who have indicated an intention to register in a particular semester, it is the responsibility of all in-course and returning students to ensure that satisfactory arrangements are made with Student Financial Services prior to the deadline. Students who have not received the advance billing form should request a permit to register from the Academic Records Section. Arrangements for registration after the deadline date will be assessed an additional late registration fee.

Students who are readmitted will be advised of registration procedures. Questions should be directed to Undergraduate Program Services.

Note: In-course students who complete the registration procedures are advised that this registration is conditional on their eligibility for continuation of study into that semester. A student who is required to withdraw is advised not to attend classes as the registration will be cancelled and an appropriate adjustment automatically will be applied to the student's account (See also--Withdrawal).

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Approximately 2-3 weeks before the deadline, a billing statement is forwarded to students who have selected courses.
  2. Students must submit a cheque to Student Financial Services by the deadline. The cheque may be post-dated to the first day of classes. Do not send cash in the mail. Payments received after the deadline will be assessed a late registration fee.

Students who are on campus are advised to use the designated campus mail drop-off boxes.

General System In-course Students

The registration procedure is conducted by mail. The registration procedure will allow all in course students to complete their financial arrangements with Student Financial Services before the upcoming semester. The billing form will reflect the course selection data, also your accommodation and meal plan status if available, and is to be returned with suitable arrangement to Student Financial Services. The deadline for payment is indicated in Section III--Schedule of Dates, of this calendar. Failure to meet the deadlines will result in an additional fee adjustment. All mailings by the University will be to the Campus P.O. Box.

Registration is conditional on being eligible to continue in your program of study. Students who are required to withdraw are advised not to attend classes as their registration will be cancelled immediately and a full refund of fees will be made as soon as possible. Students required to withdraw who subsequently are re-admitted or who transfer to another program or who become eligible to proceed through appeal must report to the Academic Records Section, Office of Registrarial Services to have their registration status confirmed and add their courses.

Registration may be completed by one of the following methods:


Parking Payments

Students wishing to pay for a parking permit are asked to include the appropriate payment in accordance with the schedule in Section VI - Schedule of Fees with their total payment submission. Students who comply with this procedure will receive their parking decals in the mail prior to the commencement of classes.

Changes to Preprinted Calculations

Students who have changed their mind concerning the number of credits they wish to take are advised to write the correct amount on the billing form. Please refer to the fee schedule included with your billing form.

Changes to residences calculation including meal plans must be cleared through the Student Housing Services or Hospitality Services.

Cancellation/Hiatus Procedure

If you have paid and wish to cancel your registration before classes begin please call the Academic Records Section, Office of Registrarial Services and a full refund will be arranged. Students are advised that there is a withdrawal procedure as of the first day of classes. (see Hiatus).

Once the payment has been submitted, please do not put a stop payment on your cheque. This does not constitute cancellation and will only result in a cheque refusal fine being charged.

Hospitality Services, OSAP, Parking

Each of these departments have information which will be distributed to students for the semester in question under separate cover, e.g. location for picking up meal cards, location to pick up OSAP grant/loan cheques, procedure to use for payment of parking decals.

Return Mail Box Locations (Internal Mail)

The University has on-campus mail boxes which may be used to return registration payments. All mail will be picked up daily and will be post-marked by Mail Services.

Late Registration

Students who do not register by the time designated as the registration deadline for the semester in question are subject to additional fee adjustments. Exceptions will only be made for acceptable reasons with documented evidence. The fee schedule for late registration is published in Section VI--Schedule of Fees. A student will not normally be allowed to register after the Friday prior to the start of regular classes. Appeals against the additional fee adjustments must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Appeals Committee, by contacting the Academic Records Section, Office of Registrarial Services within 10 class days of the commencement of classes. Appeal forms are available from Academic Records.

Department Chair's and Dean's Responsibilities

New Student Registration Only

In the event that new students will be delayed for registration because of University sponsored trips or courses the department chair concerned should forward a list of participating students to the dean/director of the college/school for approval. The approval list should then be forwarded to the Associate Registrar, Undergraduate Program Services, and specific procedures for late registration will be arranged.

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VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

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