University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

VI--Schedule of Fees

University Fees

Tuition Fees

The undermentioned rates are those in effect until April 30, 2000. At the time of printing the 2000-2001 fee schedule had not been determined.

The undermentioned tuition fees apply to Canadian students and those with permanent resident status. Students from outside of Canada, who do not have permanent resident status, should consult Visa Students, in this section.

Full-Time Fees - 2.00 credits or more

Program Semester Fee
Bachelor of Applied Science $1,897.00
Bachelor of Arts $1,897.00
Bachelor of Commerce $1,897.00
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture $2,060.00
Bachelor of Science $1,897.00
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture $1,897.00
Bachelor of Science in Engineering $2,060.00
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences $1,897.00
Bachelor of Science in Technology $1,897.00
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine $2,060.00
General Studies $1,897.00

Part-Time Fees - less than 2.00 credits

Fee per 0.50 Credit
Tuition fee $378.80
Central Student Association fee $5.15
Student Support Service fee $5.75
University Centre fee $2.10
Fee per Semester
Bullring fee $0.50
Medical Insurance Premium $48.50
Part-time Athletic Fee $24.55
Part-time Building Fee $13.00
Student Health Service fee $8.40
Student Bus Pass $29.22
W.U.S.C. $0.52
Annual Fee
Dental Plan $79.93

Special or Continuing full-time students:

The tuition fee is the same as indicated by programs for regular full-time students.

Auditing Courses

Registration fee per audited course $223.65

Co-operative Education

For those students admitted into a co-op program prior to September 1998.

Fee per Semester
Work Semester Fee $533.25
Work Semester Student Health Ins. Fee $48.50

For those students admitted into a co-op program for, or after, September 1998.

Fee per Semester
Academic Semesters (maximum of 8) $200.00
Work Semesters $200.00
Work Semester Student Health Ins. Fee $48.50

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, aged 65 years and over as of the first day of the month in which registration for a semester occurs, who are admitted for registration, will be exempt from the payment of tuition, student organization and other fees, with the exception of material costs required for Fine Art and Distance Education courses.

Spring and Summer Session

For classification purposes, any combination of Spring credits (13 week), Session 1 credits (6 week), and Session II credits (6 week), that total 2.00 credits or more will constitute full-time enrollment and tuition and other university fees will be charged accordingly.

Study Abroad Fee

Guelph students participating in a University sponsored study abroad program (including semester abroad and exchange programs) are required to pay the $200.00 Study Abroad Fee. This fee covers the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation and other preparatory operational services

Semester Abroad Program

Students are required to pay full-time tuition plus the compulsory medical insurance premium.

Exchange Program

Guelph students attending other institutions are required to pay the University of Guelph the cost of full-time tuition and compulsory fees less the Bus Pass fee of $29.22

Foreign students attending the University of Guelph are required to pay the University Health Insurance premiums shown below (UHIP) as well as the medical insurance premium of $48.50 per semester and Bus Pass fee of $29.22 per semester (1999/00 costs).

International Field Trip/Course Fee

Guelph students participating in a University International Field Trip are normally required to pay the $50.00 International Field Trip Fee. This fee covers the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation and other preparatory and operational services.

Visa Students

The tuition fee for students from outside of Canada who have obtained a student authorization and visa is as shown below:

Program Full-time Semester Fee Part-time Fee per 0.50 Credit
B.A. $4,000.00 $800.00
B.A.Sc. $4,000.00 $800.00
B.Comm $4,000.00 $800.00
B.L.A. $5,750.00 $1,150.00
B.Sc. $4,000.00 $800.00
B.Sc.(Agr.) $4,000.00 $800.00
B.Sc.(Eng.) $5,750.00 $1,150.00
B.Sc.(Env.) $4,000.00 $800.00
B.Sc.(Tech.) $4,000.00 $800.00
D.V.M. $17,500.00 $3,500.00
General Studies $4,000.00 $800.00

Health Insurance

All international students registered at the University of Guelph are required to enrol in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) - participation is compulsory. The 1999/00 fees are:

Visa Per Year Visa/Exchange Per Semester
Single coverage $443.06 $216.54
Two-person coverage $1,181.14 $433.06
Family coverage $1,869.34 $685.43

Students who are studying on student visas and whose immigration status changes, or those who may be eligible for the regular tuition fees but are charged the visa student fees, must present acceptable official documentation to Undergraduate Programs Services, Office of Registrarial Services. To affect a change of fees in a particular semester, the documentation must be presented prior to June 30 (Spring Semester), November 1 (Fall Semester), or February 1 (Winter Semester). Dates for Summer Session courses are variable and for those, students should contact the Academic Programs Section. Dates are subject to change without notice.

Categories of students who are exempt from paying the visa student fee are synopsized as follows:

The descriptions above are brief statements synopsized from the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. Final interpretation rests with the Office of Registrarial Services and documentation must be acceptable to the Office of Registrarial Services. The regulations are subject to change without notice.

Other University Fees

These fees are applicable to students registered in 2.00 or more credits. They are compulsory and non refundable.

Athletic building fee $26.00
Athletic fee $54.00
Student health service fee $19.15
*University centre fee $10.50
Student support service fee $28.80
Total other university fees $138.45

*The University Centre Fee is payable at $10.50 per semester to a total of $21.00 for each 12 month period commencing with the Spring Semester. Part-time students are charged $2.10 per 0.50 credit.

Student Organization Fees

Applicable to students registered in 2.00 credits or more. These fees, determined by programs, are collected as a service to the student government to support student organizations. Of each fee, $11.69 is for the University of Guelph Central Student Association, $3.20 is for the Canadian Federation of Students, $2.65 is for the Ontario Federation of Students, $4.43 is an entertainment media fee, $4.86 is for G-OPIRG, $5.29 is for Radio Gryphon, $2.15 is for the Ontarion, $0.66 is for Women's Resource Centre, $0.66 is for Volunteer Connections, $1.13 is for Peak Newspaper, $1.70 is for the Magic Bus, $0.52 is for W.U.S.C., $0.50 is for the Bullring and $29.22 is for the Student Bus Pass.

In addition, the Dental Plan annual premium of $79.93 and the Medical Insurance Premium of $48.50 provide coverage for the duration of the semester, whether or not the student withdraws from the University. Married students wishing to have their spouse and children insured, may pay an additional premium of $97.11 within 30 days of their registration. Students who marry during the semester must apply within 30 days of their marriage. Cheques are payable to the Central Student Association, Level 2, University Centre (Room 274). Please refer to your C.S.A. or G.S.A handbook for more details with respect to your student Health Plan.

The total of these fees is $197.09. College government fees are as recorded below.

College Semester Fee

Arts (including Carousel Magazine, $0.85) $5.00
Biological Science $8.50
Physical Science $8.00
Physical Science (Engineering) $12.00
Ontario Agricultural College $10.00
Ontario Veterinary College $10.00
Social and Applied Human Sciences $6.00

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
VI--Schedule of Fees

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