University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Computing and Information Science (Co-op)

Department of Computing and Information Science, College of Physical and Engineering Science.

The 4 year Honours Program Major in Computing and Information Science is also available as a Co-operative Education Program. Four co-op work terms are required. Recommended work terms are shown below:

Work/Study Semesters

YR.1 YR.2 YR.3 YR.4
Fall 1 COOP*1000 5 7
Winter 2 4 COOP*2000 8
Spring 3 COOP*3000 6

COOP*1100 must be completed in the second academic semester (Winter of year 1).

Students may apply for these options at the time of University admission or completion of semester 2.

Conditions for graduation are the same as the corresponding regular B.A. program. In addition, all work reports must have a grade of satisfactory or better.

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science - B.Sc.

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