University of Guelph 2003-2004 Undergraduate Calendar

XI--Special Study Opportunities

General Studies

The objective of the General Studies program is to provide mature students with the opportunity to take university courses before registering in a specific degree program or to take university courses for continued learning with no immediate intention of registering in a degree program. The General Studies program does not lead towards a specific undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph. Initially, students register for part time studies only.

Academic Counselling

General Studies students can obtain counselling for selecting courses, and planning their future program from the B.A. Counselling Office located in Room 130 MacKinnon Building. Prospective students should contact the Admissions Section of the Office of Registrarial Services.

Financial Assistance

Students registered in 3 or more courses of the General Studies program are eligible to apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) if an Ontario resident. Students who are residents of other provinces must apply to their home province for financial assistance. General Studies students are eligible to apply for OSAP assistance for a maximum of 2 semesters. General Studies students who transfer to a degree program may continue to apply for OSAP.

Schedule of Studies

Tuition Fees

Students are advised to refer to Section VI--Schedule of Fees.

Undergraduate Regulations

Students are referred to Section VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations for additional information regarding registration, course selection, withdrawal from study, continuation of study, examination policy and requests for academic consideration.

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