University of Guelph 2003-2004 Undergraduate Calendar

XI--Special Study Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Studies

The University of Guelph offers many interdisciplinary programs that cross departmental and college boundaries. In addition, specific courses and specializations have been modelled on an interdisciplinary approach to the topic or subject area.

Courses with an interdisciplinary approach and content are listed in Section XII under the following headings: Humanities, Physical Science, and Social Science as well as Interdisciplinary University Courses.

The following list of specializations is not intended to represent all the university's interdisciplinary initiatives. Instead it identifies those specializations that involve a significant degree of collaboration between departments or colleges. For further details, refer to the appropriate undergraduate degree program information in Section IX.

Bachelor of Arts

Criminal Justice and Public Policy

Environmental Studies (Minor)

European Studies

Information Systems & Human Behaviour

International Development

Women's Studies

Bachelor of Commerce

Agricultural Business

Hotel and Food Administration

Human Resources Management

Management Economics in Industry & Finance

Marketing Management

Public Management

Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science (Biological Science)

Biomedical Toxicology

Earth Surface Science

Environmental Toxicology

Plant Biology

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences

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