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XI--Special Study Opportunities

Open Learning

The University of Guelph serves the learning needs of people of all ages whose educational requirements may not match the program structure or services available through full-time undergraduate study. The adoption of the philosophy of lifelong learning, changes in the demographic characteristics of our communities, the explosion of new knowledge, and the effect of rapid technological advances on professional competence are major factors underlying the University's commitment towards alternative approaches to providing education through open learning.

The Office of Open Learning

The Office of Open Learning is the institutional focus for distance education, continuing education, and the Open Learning program. As such, the Office of Open Learning supports departments in the development and delivery of open learning activities. Courses and programs cover a broad spectrum of learning needs which include professional updating programs and general interest/knowledge enhancing courses.

The Open Learning Program

The Open Learning program is an open admission distance-only part time mode of study that provides access to degree-credit university courses for individuals who wish to study independently but are not interested in pursuing a degree at the University of Guelph at the present time. You may register in the Open Learning program, even if you are in another program or are registered at another educational institution. The Open Learning program extends the academic resources of the University to those interested in personal enrichment, professional updating, or eventual application to a degree program.

Open Learning program students must complete the same assignments and examinations as those in degree programs and are evaluated using the same standards. Upon successful completion of a course, learners receive the same credit weight for courses as would apply to courses taken within the degree program.

Continuing Education Option

Those not interested in receiving degree credit for a course may register as a continuing education student. Learners taking courses in this way are not required to complete assignments or related exams.

Further information is available from the Office of Open Learning, Room 160 Johnston Hall, by e-mail:, by phone (519) 767-5000 or at

Guaranteed Admission

Individuals wanting to shift from the Open Learning program to a B.A. program will be guaranteed admission, provided that they have no previous post secondary experience and have completed 2.00 credits with a minimum 70.00 percent cumulative average. Eligibility for admission will include consideration of any previous post-secondary experience (if applicable).

Applicants are advised to complete 2 courses (1.00 credit) from the College of Arts and 2 courses (1.00 credit) in the Social Sciences.

Open Learning Program Certificates and Diplomas

Career Development Practitioner Program

Certificate in Environmental Citizenship

Certificate in Environmental Conservation

Certificate in Food Science

Certificate in Hospitality Services

Diploma in Public Policy and Administration

(Refer to Certificates & Diplomas in this section for descriptions or contact the Office of Open Learning.)

Open Learning Program Courses*

*please check with the Office of Open Learning regarding the technology and resource requirements (e.g. computer, internet, VCR, audio cassette recorder, etc.) for the specific course(s) in which you are interested.

Please refer to Distance Education in this section for a listing of courses offered through the Open Learning Program.

Open Learning Program Scholarships

The Malik Scholarship

Awarded in honor of retired faculty member Professor Henrick Malik, of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the College of Physical and Engineering Science.

Qualification(s): A student in the Open Learning program who achieves the highest mark in a given year in the distance education course Statistics for Business Decisions (STAT*2060)

Amount: One award of $150

Distance Education

The Office of Open Learning facilitates the delivery of degree credit courses to students who are typically off-campus or wish to take a distance course in order to accommodate their schedule. The Office of Open Learning assists in course development and preparation and is the focal point of this activity by providing information, student support, and administration. Please refer to the Distance Education heading in this section for the listing of courses offered through the distance format.

Calendars and brochures outlining complete details of activities are available from the Office of Open Learning, Room 160 Johnston Hall, 767-5000,, or at

Continuing Education

The Office of Open Learning annually offers over 70 professional development programs, courses, conferences, and certificates in collaboration with academic departments and/or professional organizations. For detailed information on learning opportunities offered by the Office of Open Learning contact us at tel: (519) 767-5000; fax (519) 767-1114; e-mail:; website:; or visit us in room 160 Johnston Hall.

Certificate Program In Couple & Family Therapy Studies

(co-sponsored by the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy)

The Certificate in Couple and Family Therapy Studies is designed to provide practising therapists with specialized training and updating in the needs, problems and changing patterns of couple and family relationships. Systems theory is the primary, although not the only, theoretical orientation within the program. Attention to issues of gender, race, class, ethnicity and culture underlies all aspects of the program. Most program faculty are clinical members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and AAMFT-approved supervisors.

Courses in this program are designed to meet the education requirements for Clinical Membership in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. All courses are delivered at a level of rigour equivalent to that of a Master's degree and require completion of a formal evaluation component, marked according to University of Guelph grading standards. Individuals successfully completing the required course of study will receive the Certificate in Couple and Family Therapy Studies from the University of Guelph. While completion of all six courses in the certificate program is encouraged, students are welcome to take courses for general interest or specific upgrading, provided they have adequate background and/or preparation.

Required Courses

Theories and Methods of Family Therapy I

Theories and Methods of Family Therapy II

Theories and Methods of Couple Therapy

Elective Courses (Choose 3)

Violence in Families

Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy

Divorce, Single Parenting and Re-marriage

Change Strategies in Therapy

Research in Marriage and Family Therapy

Professional Ethics in Marriage and Family Therapy

Family Therapy and Mental Health

Certificate in Conflict Resolution

The Certificate in Conflict Resolution program is focussed on organizational mediation and will be of interst to human resources professionals, grievance officers, practising mediators, teachers, lawyers and others interested in resolving conflict in the workplace. It is a part-time program made up of five courses consisting of 123 hours of instruction and skill practice. Supervised practical experience in mediating and negotiating is built into each course through role play scripts designed and taught by full members of the ADR Institute of Ontario. This ensures that participants are able to test out new and relevant strategies in an atmosphere that fosters constructive feedback and support.

Required Courses

Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Helping to Resolve Ethnic and Religious Conflict

Peer Mediation - Getting Along with Co-workers

Preventing and Resolving Organizational Conflict - Internal & External Perspectives

Elective Courses (Choose 1)

Issues Associated with Retirement and Aging

Fundamentals of Family Mediation and Work/Family Balance

Labour Arbitration

Certificate Program in Managing People at Work

Effective and efficient managers get things done through and with the help of others. Successful managers are leaders who know how to work with people in meeting organizational goals and objectives. These managers have the right set of supervisory / management skills, knowledge and attitudes which are critical for positive rewards and results. The Certificate Program in Managing People at Work is designed to provide training to individuals who are newly appointed or aspiring managers in organizations. The Certificate program is comprised of the following 5 courses:

Managing People at Work

Communication Process (REXT*3040 by distance education)

Labour-Management Relations

Employment Law

Training and Development

Diploma in Human Resources Management

Human resources management is a system of interrelated activities such as training and development, compensation management, and labour relations that work towards satisfying organizational goals and objectives. Typically, managers in smaller organizations are responsible for these activities in addition to other operational responsibilities. In larger organizations, the human resources department generally has subject specialists who oversee each function area. Regardless of how the system of activities is administered, individuals responsible for managing a group of employees should have a practical understanding of management tools and techniques to effectively work with the most important resource in their organizations - their people.

The Diploma in Human Resources Management program provides essential management foundation skills and knowledge with particular emphasis on relating practitioner principles, policies and procedures to "real world" situations. This program consists of ten courses and is designed to meet the learning needs of individuals who currently work in a human resources environment or who have ambition to do so.

Required Courses

Human Resources Administration

Organization and Management

Finance and Accounting Concepts

Labour Market Economics

Salary Administration and Benefits

Training and Development

Labour-Management Relations

Human Resource Planning

Employment Law

One of the following two courses by distance education:

PSYC*3070 Psychology in Human Resource Management

PSYC*3080 Organizational Psychology

English Language Certificate Program

The University of Guelph's English Language Certificate Program is an academic program designed to prepare students for undergraduate and graduate degree studies.

Academic English prepares the student for university studies by focusing on the development of specific academic skills required for a successful university education. The elements of the English Language Certificate Program include grammar, conversation, comprehension, academic writing, presentation and TOEFL preparation.

Equine Science Certificate

The Certificate, created through the partnership between the Equine Research Centre (ERC), the University of Guelph, and sponsorship funding from CanAdapt, consists of six distance education courses taken on-line. It is a unique program designed to provide the essential knowledge you need, through flexible on-line learning, to better care for your horse. The courses are as follows:

Management of the Equine Environment

Equine Exercise Physiology

Equine Health and Disease Prevention

Equine Functional Anatomy

Growth and Development

Equine Nutrition

Diploma in Leadership

The Diploma in Leadership provides mid-career professionals with the education, skills development, and certification they require to become more effective leaders and to advance within their organizations. This graduate-level continuing education program focuses on the challenges facing leaders in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, with an emphasis on the interaction between and interdependency of these spheres in the contemporary world.

Applicants are likely to be fully engaged in a busy workplace. In order to enable participation without requiring disruption of career or work schedule, the program will feature on-line learning components, supplemented by a short residential stay on the University of Guelph campus.

For details, and to apply, please see The Diploma in Leadership consists of five courses.

Required Courses

Foundations of Leadership and Approaches to Skills Assessment

Theories of Leadership

Ethics in Leadership

Leadership of Organizational Change

Role of the Leader in Improving Organizational Decision-Making

Agri Sales and Marketing E-Learning Series

Recognizing the importance of sales and marketing education, the University of Guelph, an internationally acclaimed agricultural university, offers this series of courses specifically designed for agriculture. Those completing all three courses will be awarded a Certificate in Sales and Marketing. Participants must earn credit in three, forty-hour courses.

Current Courses

Fundamentals of Relationship Selling

Principles of Agri Marketing

Field Marketing: A Strategic Approach to Selling Key Accounts

These courses may be taken in any order and there is no deadline to complete all three. Although it is possible to take a single course, all three must be taken to achieve certification. Additional courses are planned to provide increased flexibility in course selection.

Professional Association Affiliations

Several courses have been approved by the following associations and may be applied to each association's respective professional programs:

Association of Administrative Assistants

Canadian Golf Superintendents Association

Canadian Payroll Association

Certified Crop Advisers

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario

Institute of Canadian Bankers

Industrial Accident Prevention Association

Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Purchasing Management Association of Canada

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