2004-2005 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

IV. Admission Information

Advanced Standing Admission

4. Ontario College of Art and Design

In recognition of the equivalence of many of the courses in the program of the Ontario College of Art and Design, the University wishes to encourage qualified students of OCAD to complement their education there by studying at the University of Guelph and completing the requirements for a B.A. degree. Options available in Fine Art are listed in the B.A. schedule of studies.

If admitted to the University, students transferring from OCAD may be granted advanced standing for course work completed at OCAD according to the following schedule:

  1. Completion of first year: up to 2.50 credits in Fine Art--1.50 in Fine Art (Studio) and 1.00 in Art History

  2. Completion of second year: up to 5.00 credits in Fine Art--4.00 in Fine Art (Studio) and 1.00 in Art History

  3. Completion of third year: up to 7.50 credits in Fine Art--6.50 in Fine Art (Studio) and 1.00 in Art History

  4. Completion of four-year Diploma: up to 10.00 credits in Fine Art--9.00 in Fine Art (Studio) and 1.00 in Art History.

Students are warned that even if they are given advance standing in 10.00 credits, it is extremely unlikely that they will be able to complete the B.A. program requirements within two semesters. Please note that OCAD graduates may take a maximum of 2.00 credits in Fine Art (Studio) at Guelph.

If an offer of admission is granted, advanced standing will be determined based on assessment of the OCAD transcript by the School of Fine Art and Music. Credit will be granted only for studies completed while registered at OCAD. Please note that this transfer credit arrangement applies only to the B.A. program.

Any applicant who has completed academic studies at a post-secondary institution other than OCAD must supply a transcript to Admission Services. All previous post-secondary work will be considered in determining eligibility for admission and granting transfer credit. Students currently enrolled at OCAD who are interested in working towards a B.A. concurrently may apply for admission and pursue their studies in the Summer Semester.

Please contact Admission Services, Office of Registrarial Services, Level 3, University Centre, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1 for additional information.