2004-2005 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Academic Review Sub-Committee Procedures

The Academic Review Sub-Committee of each program committee meets three times each semester as follows:

  • after the third day of the add period.

  • after the twentieth class day.

  • after the last day of exams.

Refer to Section III--Schedule of Dates, for the submission deadlines for each of these meetings.

A request for academic consideration should be made by the student to the Academic Review Sub-Committee during, or immediately after, the semester to which it refers. If a student is appealing a required to withdraw decision, the student should submit the "Request for Academic Consideration" form by the first deadline of the next semester.

The Academic Review Sub-Committee will consider requests for academic consideration with regard to:

  1. Course results (e.g. late drop of a course(s) with or without failure, deferred or supplemental privileges, credit status).

  2. Meeting the continuation of studies requirements (e.g. probationary status).

  3. Meeting the graduation requirements.

All requests are to be made in writing, preferably type-written, on the "Request for Academic Consideration" form available from Undergraduate Program Services, Office of Registrarial Services, or the program counsellor. Request forms must be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation. Requests that are inadequately documented or that lack clarity will not be dealt with but will be returned to the student. The student should meet with the program counsellor for advice on the preparation and submission of requests for academic consideration.

When the form is complete, the student should retain a copy along with copies of all documentation submitted. The form, with the original documentation attached, should be submitted to the student's program counsellor or to Undergraduate Program Services, Office of Registrarial Services.

The Associate Registrar, Undergraduate Program Services, or designate, shall prepare the agenda for each meeting of the Academic Review Sub-Committee, maintain a record of the sub-committee's decisions and immediately inform each student in writing as to the disposition of the request.

An appeal of an Academic Review Sub-Committee's decision may be submitted to the Senate Committee on Student Petitions within 90 days of the decision. Students who are appealing the decision of an Academic Review Sub-Committee for denial of probationary status will not be allowed to attend classes pending the outcome of the petition.