2004-2005 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

IX. Scholarships and Other Awards

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

In-course Scholarships

Association of Professional Engineers Medal
Application not required. [C0019]
Qualification(s): Graduate of an accredited engineering program, obtaining the highest average in the practical work and written examinations of the year.
Semester(s): 8
Amount: One award of a gold medal
Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario Scholarships
Apply to the Chair of the Awards Committee, School of Engineering, by March 31. [I0018]
Qualification(s): Students in their 2nd and 3rd years of an accredited engineering program. One award is given for high academic standing and the other for a combination of academic excellence and demonstrated leadership qualities.
Semester(s): 4, 6
Amount: Two awards of $1,000
Babcock and Wilcox Design Award
This award is available to facilitate extramural, independent participation in Ontario and National engineering competitions. Apply in writing to Chair, Awards Committee, School of Engineering by January 31. [I0350]
Qualification(s): Undergraduate engineering student.
Amount: One award of $500
Canadian Federation of University Women/Guelph Scholarship
The Guelph Chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women provides this annual scholarship. Application not required. [I0294]
Qualification(s): Female student registered in semester 5 or 6 in the Fall semester in either B.SC.(Eng.), B.A. (College of Physical and Engineering Science) or B.SC. (College of Physical and Engineering Science) who has the highest cumulative average. Preference will be given to a student who has graduated from a secondary school in Wellington County.
Semester(s): 5 or 6
Amount: One award of $2,000
College of Physical and Engineering Science Academic Scholarship
Application not required. [I0073]
Qualification(s): Offered in the Winter semester to students who have completed at least 6 semesters of a College of Physical and Engineering Science program and have excellent grades but have not received awards recently.
Semester(s): 6, 7
Amount: Two awards of $250
College of Physical and Engineering Science Graduation Prize
The winner will be selected in May from all students who have completed the program in the previous twelve months. Application not required. [C0075]
Qualification(s): Student graduating with the highest cumulative average from an honours B.SC. program in a Physical and Engineering Science area.
Semester(s): 8
Amount: One award of $250 and a commemorative plaque
College of Physical and Engineering Science Scholarship
Awarded in the Fall semester to a student who has completed semester 6 in the previous Fall, Winter or Spring semesters and who is enrolled in semester 7 or 8 of a College of Physical and Engineering Science program. Application not required. [I0076]
Qualification(s): Recipients will be selected on the basis of a high average (minimum 80% average required) in courses normally taken in the 5th and 6th semesters
Semester(s): 7
Amount: One award of $250
CSCE Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Scholarships
Established by the School of Engineering in recognition of the conference entitled, An International Perspective on Environmental Engineering, organized and co-sponsored in 2002 by the School and proposed by the Environmental Engineering Division of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) in co-operation with the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineering. Application not required. [I0549]
Qualification(s): Full-time student registered in either Environmental Engineering or Water Resources Engineering with the highest cumulative average who has completed a minimum of 8.5 credits at the beginning of semester 4
Semester(s): 4
Amount: One award of $400
Knut Karl Grimstad Memorial Scholarships
Application not required. [I0116]
Qualification(s): Outstanding students majoring in Water Resources Engineering. Scholarships are based on academic proficiency in semesters 5 and 6, and on participation in extracurricular activities associated especially with the profession of engineering.
Semester(s): 6
Amount: Two awards of $600
John Deere Canada Ltd. Environmental Engineering Scholarship
Established by the generosity of the John Deere Corporation to a full-time environmental engineering student who has completed a minimum of 17.0 credits (with a minimum of 5.0 credits in the previous year). Apply before September 15 with a letter and a resume to the Chair of the School of Engineering Awards Committee.
Qualification(s): Selection will be based on a combination of academic achievement and contributions to the community, the University, and the School of Engineering through the participation in and leadership of extracurricular activities.
Amount: Two awards of $1,000
Lange and Prokipcak Chemistry Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Professor Gordon L. Lange, Professor Joe M. Prokipcak, friends and colleagues. Professors Gordon L. Lange and Joe M. Prokipcak were valued members of the chemistry Faculty who retired in 2001. Their excellence in teaching was recognized within the university and nationwide, winning them a total of eleven teaching awards. Application not required. [I0528]
Qualification(s): Student in CPES with the highest average grade in CHEM*1040,1050 and 2700 and have completed a minimum of 10.0 credits up to a maximum of 14.75 credits.
Amount: One award of $1,000
E.B. MacNaughton Convocation Prize
Established by the College of Physical and Engineering Science to honour Earl B. MacNaughton, former head of the Department of Physics and founding Dean of the College of Physical Science. Application not required. [C0171]
Qualification(s): The College of Physical and Engineering Science nominee for the Winegard Medal.
Semester(s): 8
Amount: One award of a plaque-mounted medal and $ 250
O.A.C.'55 Scholarships
Provided by the class of O.A.C.'55. Apply to Student Financial Services by April 1. [I0064]
Qualification(s): Students who are registered in any O.A.C. degree program or students enrolled in the B.SC.(Eng.) program and have completed semester 4. Recipients will have made an outstanding contribution to College life through academic proficiency and participation in extracurricular activities and can be considered to have done the most for the College, for fellow students and in their personal development. Recipients must have a 70% minimum cumulative average.
Amount: One award of $2,000
Taggart Scholarship in Biological Engineering
Apply by letter and a resume to the Chair of the School of Engineering Awards Committee by October 1. [I0278]
Qualification(s): Student who has completed 17.25 credits of the Biological Engineering in the B.Sc.(Eng) program. Academic standing and demonstration of leadership qualities will be used to select the recipient from eligible candidates.
Amount: One award of $600
Helen Grace Tucker Design Awards
Established by a bequest of Helen Grace Tucker, 65 Engineering, who was co-inventor of a number of patented sensor and control components and co-author of many international publications. Application not required. [C0365]
Qualification(s): Graduating student in each of the four engineering programs. The winners will be selected on the basis of best performance (at least 80%) in ENGG*2100, ENGG*3100 and the final design course.
Semester(s): 8
Amount: Annual award of $500