2005-2006 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

VI. Schedule of Fees

University Fees

Student Organization Fees

Applicable to students registered in 2.00 credits or more. These fees, determined by programs, are collected as a service to the student government to support student organizations, distributed as follows:

Affordable Housing


Aboriginal Student Association


Bull Ring


Canadian Federation of Students




Entertainment Media fee


First Response Team


Food Bank $1.15



Guelph Queer Equality






International Student Organization $0.50

Magic Bus


Munford Centre $0.25



Ontario Federation of Students






Peak Newspaper


Radio Gryphon


Sign Club (Fall semester only) $0.26

Student Bus Pass


University of Guelph Central Student Association


Volunteer Connections


Women's Resource Centre




In addition, the Dental Plan annual premium of $149.00 and the Medical Insurance Premium of $102.00 provide coverage for the duration of the semester, whether or not the student withdraws from the University. Married students wishing to have their spouse and/or children insured and students who marry during the semester must apply within 30 days of registration or marriage respectively. See the Central Student Association, UC Level 2 (Room 274). Please refer to your C.S.A. or G.S.A handbook for more details with respect to your student Health Plan.

Colleges Semester Fee



Biological Science


Physical Science


Physical Science (Engineering)


Ontario Agricultural College


Ontario Veterinary College


Social and Applied Human Sciences