2005-2006 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Supplemental Privilege Procedures

Instructor's Responsibilities

An instructor should not proceed with any supplemental privilege for a student until official notification of the granting of the privilege has been received from the Academic Review Sub-Committee or the Office of Registrarial Services. Upon request from the Academic Review Sub-Committee, the instructor will provide the performance record of the student for the course, make a recommendation as to the appropriateness and feasibility of a supplemental privilege, and indicate clearly the conditions that would be necessary to ensure that the requirements for the course are fulfilled (see also reference to examinations, immediately below).

If the Academic Review Sub-Committee grants consideration, and upon request from the student, the instructor will complete a form advising the student of the exact nature and due dates of the requirements for the supplemental privilege. If the requirement includes, or takes the form of, the satisfactory completion of a two-hour examination supervised by the Schedules Section, the instructor will have indicated this on the recommendation to the Academic Review Sub-Committee, and by the Wednesday of the third week of classes shall send to the Schedules Section, Office of Registrarial Services an examination for each student granted such a privilege, plus one extra copy per course. If the exam is significantly different from another two hour exam already completed by the student, the instructor must make this clear on the form provided to the student. For example, if the student had originally been assessed on a final exam covering only the last four weeks of the semester, and is now to be assessed on a comprehensive two hour exam, the nature of the new examination needs to be communicated directly to the student at the time the supplemental privilege is granted.

Within ten days of completion of the supplemental privilege requirements, the instructor will forward to the Department Chair an indication as to whether the student has passed or failed the supplemental privilege. The supplemental privilege should be completed by at least the thirtieth class day of the semester following the failure.