2005-2006 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

IX. Scholarships and Other Awards

Other Forms of Financial Assistance

Loans - Ontario Agricultural College

Students enrolled in programs of the Ontario Agricultural College who are in need of financial assistance, may make application to the Associate Registrar, Student Financial Services for a loan from one of the below-mentioned funds. Loans may be interest free until the maturity date (not later than 6 months following completion of the academic year in which the loan is received). Interest will be charged on any balance which remains outstanding beyond the maturity date, at the rate of interest in effect for the year in which the loan is made. The rate will be established at the time the loan is issued and will agree with the Canadian Chartered Banks' prime lending rate in effect at that time. O.A.C. students should also check the availability of bursaries for which they may be eligible in the awards section for each degree program.

Mason Fund
In memory of the late H.C. Mason, a loan fund for freshman students in the Ontario Agricultural College has been established by F.W. Bray of Hamilton.
Massey Fund
Established in 1904 by W.H. Massey of Toronto for students enrolled in programs of the Ontario Agricultural College who are in need of financial assistance.
Quinn Memorial Loan Fund and Bursaries
In memory of Ronald J. Quinn, O.A.C.'35, Mrs. Helen Farquhar Quinn, O.A.C.'35, of London, Ontario, has established a loan fund from which O.A.C. students who are citizens of Third World countries as defined by the United Nations may borrow funds. Preference will be given to students who indicate an intention to return to their country of origin following graduation. Interest accumulated on the loan fund will be used to provide bursaries to students from Third World countries. Apply to the International Student Advisor.
Dr. J.L. Tennant Fund
Established in 1964 by the late Mabel Elizabeth Tennant in memory of her husband the late Dr. J.L. Tennant, this fund is restricted to students proceeding to an undergraduate or graduate degree in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Business or Resource Economics and Rural Development. Regulations regarding this fund differ from the above funds in that the interest free period and the repayment period may be extended under certain circumstances. The interest rate is established at the time the loan is made, to agree with the rate in effect at that time for repayment of a C.S.L. through a chartered bank. Application is to be made to the Department of Agricultural Economics and Business.