2005-2006 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

X. Degree Programs

Co-operative Education Programs

Procedures for Work Semester Reports

Following each work term the co-op student must submit a work term report to the department Co-op Faculty Advisor (or the department chair) by the deadline reported in the schedule of dates. This report will be assessed by the Faculty Advisor and the evaluation submitted to the Office of Registrarial Services through Co-operative Education Services. The academic department will keep the report in the student's file and the Faculty Advisor is encouraged to discuss the report with the student following evaluation. The report may then be returned to the student or kept in the student's file. Except as outlined in the following paragraph, failure to submit a work term report by the deadline will result in an "unsatisfactory" evaluation on the student's record and a requirement to withdraw from the co-op program.

If the work term report cannot be submitted by the deadline for reasons beyond the control of the student, a "Request for Academic Consideration" form should be completed giving the reasons and providing evidence where appropriate (see also Section VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations & Procedures). If the Academic Review Committee finds in favour of the request, a deferred date for the submission of the work term report will be negotiated. Normally, this deferment would be completed as soon as possible as students with missing work term reports may not compete for further work terms.