2005-2006 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

XI. Special Study Opportunities

Certificates and Diplomas

The University offers certificate and diploma programs in Applied Statistics, Environmental Citizenship, Environmental Conservation, Food Science, Hospitality Studies, Leadership, and Public Policy and Administration. These programs are designed for those who want to develop or upgrade skills in one of these areas without necessarily proceeding towards a three or four year degree program. These programs may be completed on a part time basis over a period of time.

Individuals who are not currently registered in a degree program should apply through the Office of Open Learning. Please consult with the Program Counsellor for Open Learning (ext. 56050). Individuals who are currently enrolled in a degree program should apply through the Admissions Office at the University of Guelph. Please consult with the Admissions Counsellor (ext. 56060)

For those who are in a degree program or who will be transferring into a degree program, there will be a restriction as to the number of courses which can be used for both a certificate/diploma and a degree specialization. Up to 50% of the requirements for a degree-credit certificate can be applied towards a degree. Note that the Certificate in Leadership is exempt from this restriction.