2006-2007 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

IV. Admission Information

Prior Learning Assessment

At the University of Guelph, Prior Learning Assessment is an acceptable process for assigning credit at the undergraduate level for learning stemming from experience acquired independently of courses taken at university. PLA provides a mechanism whereby credit is given for equivalence in a university course to those students who have mastered the content of the course concerned without having taken a formal course in the subject area. Such mastery may have been acquired, for example, through work experience, independent study or from non-degree courses. In the absence of a certificate or other formal acknowledgement of competence by an appropriately accredited institution, the student can challenge the appropriate specific course(s) offered by the University to a maximum of 5.00 credits in a degree program or 30% of the curriculum for Open Learning Certificates. This is a post admission process only.

Each academic department is responsible for determining which of its courses may be subject to PLA challenge. The challenge process could include one or more assessment methods, including standardized tests, written and/or oral examinations, performance evaluations, interviews, and portfolio assessments. These assessments require that the individual demonstrate, to a qualified faculty member, that pre-determined knowledge and skills have been acquired.

Students should contact Undergraduate Program Services (ups@registrar.uoguelph.ca) for application forms and further information.