2006-2007 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

VII. Academic Advising

Program Approval

Students should present their Academic Evaluation Report plus any updates when seeking academic advice. Approval is required if:

  1. Most students who wish to register for more than 2.75 credits prior to the last day of an add period require program counsellor approval (some degree programs are exempt from the 2.75 maximum). On the last day of an add period all students can register in up to 3.25 credits in a semester without obtaining program counsellor approval.

  2. Students who wish to make a change to their specialization (i.e. major, minor, area of concentration) must complete an Undergraduate Schedule of Studies Change Request form. Once the form has been completed the student must obtain the signature of the faculty advisor for that specialization prior to obtaining the signature of the program counsellor for the degree program.