2006-2007 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Technology [B.Sc.(Tech.)]

Program Information

Students are required to follow the pattern of study for one of the two majors offered (Applied Pharmaceutical Chemistry or Physics and Technology) and complete all of the required courses specified in the Schedule of Studies.

Courses taught by Seneca College are noted in the schedule of studies. The course descriptions are in this calendar however detailed course profiles can be accessed through the Seneca College home page.

Entry Credits

In general, the 4U or OAC credit or its equivalent is required in a subject area to allow entrance to the initial university course. Students who lack this requirement can remedy the deficiency by successful completion of:

Not more than one of the above will be allowed for credit toward the B.Sc.(Tech.) degree.

Continuation of Study

Students are advised to consult the University's regulations for continuation of study which are outlined in detail in Section VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations & Procedures. In addition to the University regulations, students will also be required to achieve a 70% cumulative average by the end of semester 2 due to the required co-op component within this program. Students will be evaluated after semester 2 and those students who have a cumulative average less than 70% but meet the Guelph continuation of study requirements will be withdrawn from the B.Sc.(Tech.) program. Under these circumstances, students in the Applied Pharmaceutical Chemistry major will be automatically moved to B.Sc. Biological Chemistry and those students in the Physics and Technology major will be automatically moved to the B.Sc. Physics major. Students should contact their Program Counsellor regarding co-op appeal procedures.

Note: Students who voluntarily withdraw from co-op will be moved to the B.Sc. majors specified above.

Honours Minors

Students may wish to add a minor to their major. A minor is a group of courses which provides for exposure to and mastery of the fundamental principles of a subject. A minor consists of a minimum of 5.00 credits. It may also require certain specified courses. Given the intended technical training of this degree, students have very little flexibility in terms of electives. As such, students wishing to add a minor would be required to enrol in additional semesters of study. Students wishing to take a minor should consult with their program counsellor.

Conditions for Graduation

In order to qualify for graduation from the B.Sc.(Tech.) program, the student must have successfully completed all of the courses approved for the program, achieved a 60%, or higher, cumulative average and received a minimum grade of satisfactory for the co-op work reports and work performance evaluations.