2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

VI. Schedule of Fees

Meal Plan Fees

The On-Campus Meal Plan is a mandatory meal plan for all students living in a traditional residence and optional for students living in the East Residence, the East Village Townhouses or off campus. The On-Campus Meal Plan is designed to cover both the Fall and Winter semesters. Hospitality Services offers four (4) different sizes of plans to accommodate a variety of eating habits. Each On-Campus Meal Plan is composed of 2 Plans in 1 - The Basic Plan and the Flex Plan.

The Basic Plan is used for all on-campus food purchases. These purchases are tax exempt when applicable.

The Flex Plan is used for vending machines, dining at select off-campus restaurants and delivery orders for pizza, subs and pitas. These purchases are taxable.

At the end of the Winter semester, so long as you are a University of Guelph student, Food Dollars remaining in your On-Campus Meal Plan will be carried forward to the Carryover Ultra Food Plan. This carryover plan enables you to continue spending your remaining Food Dollars when you return to school, whether you live on or off campus.

Information on the On-Campus Meal Plan Fees is available at the Student Financial Services website http://www.uoguelph.ca/studfin/ug/index.cfm. For those students not required to purchase and On-Campus Meal Plan, Hospitality Services provides a convenient, money saving Ultra Food Plan.

For more information on Hospitality's meal plans visit the Hospitality Services website http://www.hospitality.uoguelph.ca/mealplans.htm.