2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.)

Child, Youth and Family (Co-op) (CYF:C)

Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

All students in the Child, Youth and Family Co-op major must include the following core of 14.00 required credits and 0.50 restricted electives to a minimum of 20.00 passed credits.

The first four semesters are as for the students in the regular program. Students in the co-op program must also complete COOP*1100 in the third academic semester. Thereafter the schedule is as follows:

Semester 1 - Fall

FRHD*1100 [0.50] Life: Health and Well-Being
MBG*1000 [0.50] Genetics and Society
PSYC*1200 [0.50] Dynamics of Behaviour
One of:
ANTH*1150 [0.50] Introduction to Anthropology
SOC*1100 [0.50] Sociology
One of:
ENGL*1200 [0.50] Reading the Contemporary World
FREN*1200 [0.50] French Language I

Semester 2 - Winter

FRHD*1020 [0.50] Couple and Family Relationships
FRHD*2260 [0.50] Infant Development
NUTR*1010 [0.50] Nutrition and Society
PSYC*1100 [0.50] Principles of Behaviour
0.50 electives

Semester 3 - Fall

BIOM*2000 [0.50] Concepts of Physiology
FRHD*2060 [0.50] Adult Development and Aging
FRHD*2100 [0.50] Development of Human Sexuality
FRHD*2270 [0.50] Development in Early and Middle Childhood
STAT*2080 [0.50] Introductory Applied Statistics I

Semester 4 - Winter

FRHD*2110 [0.50] Exceptional Children and Youth
FRHD*2280 [0.50] Adolescent Development
FRHD*3120 [0.50] Families in Canadian Context
STAT*2090 [0.50] Introductory Applied Statistics II
One of:
FRHD*2040 [0.50] Principles of Program Design for Children
FRHD*2300 [0.50] Principles of Program Design for Youth

Summer Semester

COOP*1000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term I

Fall Semester

COOP*2000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term II

Semester 5 - Winter

FRHD*3150 [0.50] Strategies for Behaviour Change
FRHD*3180 [0.50] Observation and Assessment
FRHD*4320 [0.50] Social Policies for Children, Youth and Families
One of:
FRHD*3200 [1.00] Practicum - Child
FRHD*3250 [1.00] Practicum in Youth

Semester 6 - Summer

FRHD*3400 [0.50] Communication and Counselling Skills
2.00 electives

Semester 7 - Fall

FRHD*3040 [0.50] Parenting: Research and Applications
FRHD*3070 [0.50] Research Methods: Family Studies
FRHD*4310 [0.50] Professional Issues
1.00 electives or restricted electives

Winter Semester

COOP*3000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term III

Semester 8 - Summer

2.50 electives
Restricted Electives
0.50 restricted electives at the 4000 level.