2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

XIV. General Information

Students With Disabilities (CSD)

The University of Guelph is committed to creating a barrier-free environment. We feel that providing services for students with disabilities is a shared responsibility among students, faculty and administration. This relationship is based on respect of individual rights, the dignity of the individual and the University community's shared commitment to an open, supportive learning environment.

The CSD is staffed with special needs advisors, strategists and specialists and administrative support. Our services are complemented by Peer Helpers and volunteers who provide one-to-one assistance. When necessary, referrals are made to other services such as personal counselling, career counselling and Student Health Services.

The CSD provides support by implementing appropriate exam and classroom accommodations, advising students on academic, personal, disability issues and educating students in the development of learning strategies.