2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

XVI. Administration and Faculty

College of Physical and Engineering Science

A. Vannelli, Dean and Professor, B.SC., M.SC. (CONCORDIA), PH.D. (WAT.), P.ENG.

D.F. Thomas, Associate Dean (Bachelor of Science program) and Associate Professor, B.SC. (ALTA.), PH.D. (TOR.)

L. Allen, Academic Assistant to the Dean, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Computing Program Counsellor, B.SC., M.SC. (GUELPH)

A.G. Dyer,Bachelor of Computing Program Counsellor and Professor, B.SC., M.SC. (GUELPH)

L. Jones, Bachelor of Science in Technology Program Counsellor and Assistant Professor, B.SC. (NEW BR.), PH.D. (GUELPH)

K. Thompson, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Program Counsellor, B.SC.(ENG.) (GUELPH), P.ENG.