2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

XVI. Administration and Faculty

Administration and Faculty

Administrative Officers

Office of the President

A.J.S. Summerlee, President and Vice-Chancellor, B.SC., B.V.SC., PH.D. (BRISTOL), MRCVS

S. Bennett, Director University and Community Relations, B.A. (QU.)

M.M. Childs, Legal Counsel, B.SC. (ST. F.X. ANTIGONISH, N.S.), LLB (WESTERN)

University Secretariat

V. Hodgkinson, University Secretary, B.A. (YORK, CAN.), M.A. (GUELPH)

K. Revington, Associate University Secretary, B.A. (QU.), M.ED. (BOSTON)

Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

M. Mancuso, Provost and Vice President (Academic), B.A. (MCM.), M.A. (CAR.), D.PHIL. (OXF.)

A. Shepard, Associate Vice-President (Academic), B.A. (ST. OLAF), PH.D. (VIRGINIA)

B. Whiteside, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs), B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

T. Alberico, Manager of Faculty Recruitment and Retention and Executive Assistant to the Provost, B.SC. (GUELPH), CHRP.

S.G. Dorr, Coordinator of the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

M. Ridley, Chief Information Officer, B.A. (GUELPH), M.A. (NEW BR.), M.L.S. (TOR.)

P. Tersigni, Coordinator of Undergraduate Curriculum, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

P. Zachariah, Judicial Officer, B.A. (CALG.) L.L.B. (OTTAWA)

Educational Research Development Unit

F.T. Evers, Director, B.SC. (C'NELL), M.SC., PH.D. (IOWA STATE)

J. Mitchell, Manager, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

Office of Resource Planning and Analysis

B.D. Pettigrew, Assistant Vice-President (Institutional Research and Planning) and Registrar, B.A. (GUELPH), M.S.W. (W.LAUR.)

C.A. Beattie, Research Associate, B.SC. (GUELPH)

M. Conrad, Research Associate, B.E.S. (WATERLOO), M.SC. (MCMASTER), PH.D. (QUEEN'S)

A.E. Hollings, Research Analyst, B.A. (TOR.), B.SC., M.SC. (GUELPH)

M. Kupferschmidt, Research Associate, B.A. (GUELPH)

Office of the Vice-President (Alumni Affairs and Development)

J. Shoveller, Vice-President (Alumni Affairs and Development), B.A. (W. LAUR.), M.B.A. (IVEY)

P. Healey, Assistant Vice-President (Development), B.A. (GUELPH), M.B.A. (W.LAUR.)

Office of the Vice-President (Finance and Administration)

N. Sullivan, Vice-President (Finance and Administration), B.A. (MCG.)

J. Miles, Assistant Vice-President (Finance and Services), B.A. (WAT.), C.M.A.

M. Harley, Assistant Vice-President (Human Resources)

R.J. Carter, Assistant Vice-President (Physical Resouces)

Office of the Vice-President (Research)

R. Moccia, Interim Assoc. Vice President (Research) Agri-food & Partnerships; M.SC.

Colleges and Faculties

College of Arts

D. Bruce, Dean and Professor, B.A. (ALBERTA), M.A. (QU.), PH.D. (TOR.)

College of Biological Science

M. Emes, Dean, B.SC., P.HD. (SHEFFIELD)

College of Management and Economics

C.J. McKenna, Dean, B.SC. (SALF.), D.PHIL. (YORK, U.K.)

College of Physical and Engineering Science

A. Vannelli, Dean, B.SC., M.SC. (CONCORDIA), PH.D. (WAT.), P.ENG.

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

A.E. Joseph, Dean, B.A. (LIV.), M.A. (QU.), PH.D. (MCM.)

Ontario Agricultural College

C.J. Pearson, Dean, B.SC. (AGR.) (W.AUST.), M.SC. (GUELPH), PH.D. (MACQ.)

Ontario Veterinary College

E. Stone, Dean, D.V.M. (CALIFORNIA), M.S. (GEORGIA), M.P.P. (DUKE)

Faculty of Graduate Studies

I.W. Heathcote, Dean of Graduate Studies, B.SC. (TOR.), M.S., PH.D. (YALE)

J. Norris, Associate Dean, B.A., M.A., PH.D. (WAT.).

University of Guelph-Humber

J. Walsh, Vice-Provost Academic, University of Guelph-Humber, B.A. (ENG.), M.B.A., PH.D (WESTERN)