VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Course Selection

This is the procedure by which students indicate their course requests, including the appropriate course section for upcoming semesters. Program approval may be required as outlined in Section VII - Academic Advising. Subject to the availability of a published timetable, students may select courses for more than one semester. Students are cautioned that courses may be subject to listed enrolment restrictions. In such cases, priority in the selection of students to receive the course will be given to those who have selected courses prior to the start of the semester. For further information, refer to Priority Access Courses in this section of the calendar.

Students are normally restricted to selecting 2.75 credits during course selection and up to the last day of the add period. A number of programs have Senate-approved schedules of study that require students to register in more than 2.75 credits for particular semesters. As a result, these programs are exempted from the 2.75 restriction as required.

On the last day of the add period, students are allowed to add courses up to a maximum of 3.25 credits on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, with approval from the program counsellor, under exceptional circumstances, a student can enrol in more than 2.75 credits earlier in the process.

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