VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Deferred Privileges

Deferred Condition

The instructor and/or Chair/Director determine the requirements and conduct of the deferred condition. The deferred condition may be a written test, an oral test, an assignment, a laboratory practical, or any other method of evaluation. The requirements for completion of the deferred condition are documented on the "Terms of Supplemental/ Deferred Condition" form and a copy of the form is retained by the instructor and the student. The department notifies Undergraduate Program Services of the results of a deferred condition, normally within 7 days of its completion.

Students must normally complete a deferred condition by the end of the deferred examination schedule in the semester immediately following the completion of the course (refer to Section III--Schedule of Dates). Scheduling, Office of Registrarial Services advises students in writing of the deadline for the completion of a condition. In addition, Scheduling directs the student to the "Terms of Supplemental/Deferred Condition" form It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor and make arrangements for the details of the condition.

Scheduling advises departments in writing of the students who have been granted deferred conditions. The memorandum specifies the date for completion of the deferred condition, and the deadline for the submission of final grades to Undergraduate Program Services. It is the responsibility of the Chair/Director or designate to advise the appropriate instructors of the deferred conditions that have been granted.

If the condition is not completed by the required date, a grade is assigned based on the term work completed as indicated on the original "Instructor's Recommendation" form. Students may be considered for an extension, or the assignment of a grade based on incomplete work, if medical or compassionate reasons prevail at the time of the scheduled condition. In this case, the student should consult with their program counsellor and may submit a "Request for Academic Consideration" form with documentation to Undergraduate Program Services, Office of Registrarial Services.

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