VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures


Late Registration

Students who do not register by the time designated as the registration deadline for the semester in question are subject to additional fee adjustments. Exceptions will only be made for acceptable reasons with documented evidence. The fee schedule for late registration is published inSection VI--Schedule of Fees. A student will not normally be allowed to register after the end of the Add period. Appeals against the additional fee adjustments must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Appeals Committee, by contacting the Undergraduate Program Services, Office of Registrarial Services within 10 class days of the commencement of classes. Appeal forms are available from Undergraduate Program Services.

Department Chair's and Dean's Responsibilities (New Student Registration Only)

In the event that new students will be delayed for registration because of University sponsored trips or courses the department chair concerned should forward a list of participating students to the dean/director of the college/school for approval. The approval list should then be forwarded to the Associate Registrar, Undergraduate Program Services, and specific procedures for late registration will be arranged.

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