VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Grade Reassessment

Grade re-assessment is the process of reviewing the calculation of grades, or the methods and criteria used to establish final grades for a student in a course or misapplication of an academic regulation. The outcome of a grade re-assessment may be a grade increase, a grade decrease, or no change to the grade. The detection of errors or omissions in the calculation of final grades will result in the assignment of a revised grade. Students normally initiate grade re-assessments, but instructors may initiate this process. However, instructors must NOT use the grade re-assessment process to:

  • grant extensions for submission of work beyond course grade submission deadline (see Academic Consideration, Appeals and Petitions)

  • change the student's continuation of study status

  • improve the student's program or specialization average

  • submit late grades (see Final Grades)

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