VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Transfer of Program

University of Guelph students wishing to transfer from one degree program to another (e.g. from B.Sc. to B.Eng. or from B.A. to B.Comm.) are required to submit an application form to Admission Services. Forms are available from Admission Services, third floor of the University Centre.

To clarify possible conditions or requirements for transfer, students are encouraged to consult with the admission counsellor for the program to which they wish to transfer before submitting their application. In cases where the student's performance has been inconsistent, the applicant must also submit a comprehensive support letter outlining the reasons for transfer as well as any factors contributing to the previous academic performance.

Note: Students who wish to transfer from one specialization to another in the same program (e.g. from Biological Science to Chemistry in the B.Sc. Program or from Drama to Sociology in the B.A. Program) are not required to apply to Admission Services. Such students should contact the departmental advisor for the specialization in which they wish to register. Students wishing to change specializations within the B.A.Sc. or B.Comm. Programs should consult with their program counsellor.

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