XI. Special Study Opportunities

Co-operative Education

The Co-operative Education option is offered in 38 majors. Co-op, a form of work integrated learning, is a model of education that integrates a student’s academic learning with periods of paid workplace learning in fields relevant to the student’s academic and personal/professional goals. The academic and work schedules will vary with degree program and major. The first co-op work term is scheduled after the third or fourth academic semester, providing an academic foundation on which to build the work experience. Co-op is delivered in concert with employer partners, and constitutes part of the student’s formal curriculum.

Job opportunities are available within Ontario, across Canada and, in some cases, international. Admission can occur directly into semester 1 from high school, or in-course (but not normally beyond Academic Semester 2). Co-operative Education is also available to international students.

For further details refer to information on Co-operative Education in Section X--Degree Programs. Course requirements and academic/work sequences for specific majors are listed under the appropriate degree program in Section X--Degree Programs.

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