IV. Admission Information

Communication of Admission Decisions

Admission Services will use the mailing address and/or email address supplied by the applicant to communicate decisions. Applicants using the OUAC 105 application form or the applications found on the University of Guelph website will receive their admission decision via WebAdvisor (access to this online tool will be made available once the application has been received). The University will not be held responsible for decisions sent to these addresses but not received.

Applicants who are not currently in any secondary or post-secondary program can normally expect to receive an admission decision within a three to four week period following receipt of the application and all official documents by Admission Services, provided they have not applied to a limited enrolment program. Typically applicants for limited enrolment programs will be considered at the same time in competition for the spaces which are available.

Students currently enrolled in a post-secondary program will normally be required to submit all official transcripts at the conclusion of their program before a final decision regarding their admission will be made. An applicant who submits an official post-secondary transcript at the conclusion of his/her fall semester of the current academic year may receive an early offer of admission. This offer of admission will be conditional upon successful completion of the student's current academic year and conditions specified by the Admission Committee for the degree program to which the student is admitted. Official final transcripts will be required by the University of Guelph, for Fall entry, by June 1 to confirm that the conditions of early offers of admission have been satisfied. Students will be advised via email that admission conditions have been cleared.

Admission decisions for the D.V.M. Program will not be made until after the deadline date for receipt of applications and documentation.

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