XV. General Information

Copyright Policy

When a student produces a work eligible for copyright based on research or other scholarly activity conducted under the supervision of a faculty member and the supervision of that work is a requirement of the academic program, the University, whilst acknowledging the sole copyright ownership by the student, reserves the right of access to the work.

It is a condition of engaging in the undergraduate or graduate programs at the University that the University receives a non-exclusive royalty free license to:

  1. Circulate the work as part of the University library collection;

  2. Make copies or representations of the work for academic purposes within the University;

  3. Make single copies of a thesis deposited in the University Library at the request of other universities or bona fide institutions;

  4. Microfilm the work and submit the microfilm to the National Library of Canada;

  5. Publish the abstract of any work which is a student thesis.

For more information, contact the Office of Research.

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