XV. General Information

Student Rights and Responsibilities


I. Civil/Criminal Statutes.

You retain your RIGHTS as a citizen when you become a member of the University community. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to abide by Federal, Provincial and Municipal statutes in addition to all University regulations and policies, including but not limited to the Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines for University of Guelph Computing and Networking Facilities1, Residence Community Living Standards, and the University of Guelph Human Rights Policy2.

The University's interest may cause it to initiate an internal judicial process whether or not criminal or civil action is taken with respect to the same incident(s).

II. Offenses against Persons.

1. Bodily Harm

You have the RIGHT to an environment that is safe and free from unwanted attention. You have the RESPONSIBILITY not to engage in activities likely to endanger the health or safety of yourself or another person, or to assault or threaten to assault another person or to knowingly cause another person to fear bodily harm.

2. Harassment

You have the RIGHT to an environment characterized by mutual respect. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to treat all members of the University community with respect and without harassment, bullying or hazing. Harassment is defined as any attention or conduct (oral, written, virtual, graphic or physical) by an individual or group who knows, or ought reasonably to know, that such attention or conduct is unwelcome/unwanted, offensive or intimidating. The University views offences involving harassment against employees or agents of the University in the lawful execution of their duties to be particularly grievous.

3. Human Rights

You have the RIGHT to an environment where the inherent worth of all individuals is respected, regardless of race, sex, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or mental or physical disability. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to respect the diversity that exists in the University community. The University views actions that undermine the dignity and worth of any individual or group based on the above grounds to be particularly grievous.

4. Sexual Assault

You have the RIGHT to an environment free from sexual violence, coercion or harassment. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to not assault any person sexually, threaten any person with sexual assault, or subject any person to sexual harassment.

III. Offences Involving Life Safety Equipment

You have the RIGHT to a safe and secure environment. You have the RESPONSIBILITY not to tamper or interfere with, discharge or activate any life safety equipment on campus unless for the purposes of responding to an emergency. Life safety equipment includes but is not limited to fire extinguishers, fire alarms and emergency call stations.

Each offence under this section carries a minimum fine of $500, in addition to possible charges under the Criminal Code of Canada or City of Guelph bylaws and the cost for responding Fire Department vehicles.

IV. Offenses involving Property.

1. Facilities, Telecommunications, Library, University Property and Private Property

You have the RIGHT to the use of University facilities. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  1. respect posted hours and limits on entry where such conditions exist;

  2. abide by the University smoking policy, which includes not smoking inside any University building or vehicle, or within nine metres of any building entrance or exit, loading dock, fresh-air intake or compressed-gas storage area;

  3. not destroy, tamper with, deface or vandalize, monopolize, unlawfully access, remove or possess property not your own, including, but not limited to, Library material, computing facilities, telecommunication systems and emergency telephones.

2. Permits and Identification

You have the RIGHT, upon payment of any required fee, to access certain special services as a University community member. You have a RESPONSIBILITY not to acquire or use meal cards, University identification, computer identification, bus passes or parking permits that are stolen, cancelled, lost, false, altered or expired.

3. Guests and Visitors

Unless otherwise stated in University policy, you have the RIGHT to have guests and visitors from off campus. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  1. ensure that your guests or visitors comply with all existing University sign-in requirements (for example Student Housing Services and licensed establishments).

  2. ensure that your guests or visitors comply with all the terms of the Student Rights and Responsibilities policy, or any Federal, Provincial, Municipal or University statute, bylaw or policy, while on University property. You will be held responsible for any breach of the rules committed by your guests on campus

V. Disruption.

You have the RIGHT to an environment that, while safeguarding dissent, is free from interference and disruption. You have the RESPONSIBILITY not to interfere with the normal functioning of the University, nor to intimidate, interfere with, threaten or otherwise obstruct any activity organized by the University, including classes, or to hinder other members of the University community from being able to carry on their legitimate activities, including their ability to speak or associate with others.

VI. Drugs, Alcohol and Firearms

  1. Drugs. - You have the RIGHT to a drug-free environment, especially in student housing. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to abide by the Federal and Provincial statutes pertaining to illegal drugs and controlled substances. The possession, use or trafficking of illegal drugs or controlled substances is prohibited, and each activity may form the basis of a separate charge.

  2. Alcohol - The purchase, possession and/or consumption of liquor by those under the age of 19 is prohibited. Consumption or open possession of liquor is prohibited on campus other than in those areas where it has been specifically permitted, or in licensed premises.

  3. Firearms and other Weapons. Firearms, which include but is not limited to BB guns, paintball guns, any other weapons, firecrackers, gunpowder or any other forms of unauthorized hazardous materials are prohibited on campus.

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