MGMT*4000 Strategic Management F,W (6-0) [1.00]
Strategic management is a synthesis of the principles of business management with emphasis upon the formation of business decisions and policies. The purpose of this course is to enable the student to draw on analytical tools and factual knowledge from other courses in analyzing comprehensive business problems and establishing viable plans and methods to implement the developed plans of action. (First offering - Fall 2014) Department of Business.
Prerequisite(s): (ECON*2560 or ECON*3560), (1 of AGEC*3320 , AGEC*3400, BUS*3320, FARE*3400, MGMT*3320), (1 of AGEC*3310, FARE*3310, HTM*3120, REAL*3890)
Restriction(s): BUS*4250, HTM*4200, Restricted to students in B.Comm. Priority Access course. See department for more information.