X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Computing (B.Comp.)

General Program

School of Computer Science, College of Physical and Engineering Science

To graduate from a general program a student must:

  1. Earn 15.00 credits. These must include courses that fulfill the distribution requirements of the general Degree (see below). At least 4.00 credits must be at the 3000 level or above. Not more than 6.00 credits at the introductory (1000) level may be counted towards the 15.00 credit requirement.

  2. No more than 11.00 credits in any one subject or discipline, as indicated by the course prefix code, can be counted towards a general degree.

  3. Successfully complete the following credits:

    CIS*1500 [0.50] Introduction to Programming
    CIS*1910 [0.50] Discrete Structures in Computing I
    CIS*2430 [0.50] Object Oriented Programming
    CIS*2500 [0.50] Intermediate Programming
    CIS*2520 [0.50] Data Structures
    CIS*2750 [0.75] Software Systems Development and Integration
    CIS*2910 [0.50] Discrete Structures in Computing II
    CIS*3530 [0.50] Data Base Systems and Concepts
    0.50 additional CIS or STAT credits at the 2000 level or higher
    1.00 additional CIS credits at 3000 level or higher
  4. Earn 2.00 science credits (list of courses available in the Program Counsellor's office) and 2.00 credits in the College of Arts or College of Social and Applied Human Sciences in addition to the courses listed in c.

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