X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Computing (B.Comp.)

Program Information

To graduate with an honours Degree with a major in Computer Science or Software Engineering a student must:

  1. Successfully complete 20.00 credits. These must include the 11.25 CIS credits, a minimum of 4.00 credits in an Area of Application and an additional 4.75 credits as free electives. Not more than 6.00 credits from courses at the introductory (1000) level may be counted towards the 20.00 credit requirement.

    The program requires 6.00 Computing and Information Science credits at the 3000 level or above, which must include 2.00 credits at the 4000 level. The area of application requires an additional 1.00 credits at the 3000 level or above. The Area of Application is a graduation requirement and must be approved by Semester 4 by the faculty advisor.

  2. Obtain a cumulative average at least 70% in CIS courses and a 60% cumulative average in all courses.

  3. An Area of Application normally consists of 4.00 credits (normally 8 courses) of a minor. Minors are described under the B.A. and B.Sc. programs. Access to some courses may be limited. Minors are listed in Section X of the Calendar. A student may complete a minor should they decide to do so.

    Students must consult the faculty advisor for approval of their Area of Application by semester 4. Not all disciplines or courses may be available as areas of application.

    Students failing to meet the graduation requirements of the honours program may apply to graduate with a general degree if the requirements for the general degree are met.

Continuation of Study

Students are advised to consult the regulations for Continuation of Study which are outlined in detail in Section VIII Degree Regulations Procedures of this calendar.

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