XII. Course Descriptions

Environmental Management

School of Environmental Sciences

ENVM*1020 Introduction to Environmental Microbiology W (2-3) [0.50]
This course will introduce the students to Environmental Microbiology. Topics of discussion will include water and wastewater systems, soils and sediments; as well as the importance of bacteria in disease, nutrition, food and food processing. Students will be introduced to various methods of environmental monitoring such as sampling and testing of public drinking water, how to monitor for cleanliness in food processing facilities as well as water ways used for recreational purposes. Student immunization records are required. See course instructor.
Restriction(s): Registered in B.B.R.M. Environmental Management. Instructor consent required.
Department(s): School of Environmental Sciences
ENVM*3500 Environmental Management Integrated Project W (5-0) [1.00]
Students will apply the skills and knowledge gained in earlier courses to analyzing environmental processes and issues associated with an industrial, municipal, or agricultural enterprise. Students will work in teams to complete a detailed environmental report with policy recommendations and action plans.
Prerequisite(s): 5.00 credits
Restriction(s): ENVM*2500 Registered in BBRM:EM
Department(s): School of Environmental Sciences
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1